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Best Benz Diagnostic Tool MB SD Connect C5 With Vediamo V05.00.06 Engineering Software Plus EVG7 Tablet PC

MB Star C3, MB SD Connect C4, MB SD Connect C5 are popular benz diagnostic tools. Usually buyer doesn’t know how to select the best one. Here we’d like to highly recommend our MB SD Connect C5 With Vediamo V05.00.06 Engineering Software Plus EVG7 Tablet PC with the following reasons:
1. The most important is that mb sd c5 includes Vediamo V05.00.06 Engineering Software. It’s a diagnostic application for measurement analysis, control of actuators, DTC reading, activation of ECU functions, flashing, variant coding, parametrize and calibrate of ECUs, and for erecution of automated test sequences(Scripts). With with this software, you no longer need to programming on line or applying to change SA on line. Now you can use Vediamo(off line) to program, setting code, changing SA Code and so on.

2. The software for SD C5 is the latest version 2016.09. And it’s with multi languages:Bulgarian/Danish/Greek/Spanish/French/Italian/Korean/Polish/Romanuan/Serbo-Croatian/ Turkish/Czech/German/English/Finish/Hyngarian/Japanese/Dutch/Portuguese/Russian/Swedish/Chinese
3. The software will be preinstalled in an EVG7 tablet, you can diagnose or program vehicles directly after you receive it. But please note that you can not connect the tablet to internet when you run c5 software. Otherwise the software will be damaged at once and you need to send it back to us to store software again.

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