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Autel Maxisys MS906 Auto Diagnostic Tool with Two Years Free Update Online

Autel Maixys MS906 Auto Diagnostic Tool can support multi cars in the world and can support many functions for car diagnose. the belows are the feedback from our customers.

If you are considering buying a new tool, then the MS906 is the way to go. Preferably the ms906BT or TS. It has ecm coding unlike the base ms906 and only 300 more. Functions as an oem scan tool would with an android user friendly interface and easy to follow operation. Registration is easy and the capabilities are amazing. Bi-directional controls advanced obd2 capabilites and initializations/adaptations as well. You can fully program mosules, but can code them. If you do not flash and replace ecm or pcm a lot, you do not need the maxisys pro or elite. The maxisys mini is discontinued so I would also suggest against that. Good luck hope you make the ms906 your new tool, I love the series of them.

I love this tool, it performs as well as or even better than my Snap-on 2500. The help feature is awesome the information it provides makes finding the problems and fixing them with ease. It not only read the codes, but also allows you to perform certain active test while the vehicle is running.
Any DIYer can use this machine and make repairs with very little effort. Well worth the price.

Now from our store can support for two years free udpate online and you can’t get this big promotion from others. pls do not hesitate to contact us :