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Lonsdor K518ISE Added Mitsubishi American & Australian vehicles

Recently , factory have updated the software for Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer ,  it added Mitsubishi American & Australian vehicles  on March.27th, 2018 , for details of model listing , please check as bellow :

1. Added Mitsubishi American vehicles:

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Diamate\2000-2006
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Eclipse(CAN)\2006-2009
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Eclipse\1996-2005
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Endeavor
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Endeavor(CAN)\2006-2009
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\EVO
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant(CAN)\2006-2009
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant(PIN1)\2000-2003
Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant(PIN1)\1...

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How to Program Volvo XC60 with KPROG Adaptor

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer claims to work on Volvo, LR, BMW FEM and CAS4, VAG IMMO5, etc…

Good news that we’d like to introduce our new arrived Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer how to do program for Volvo XC60 with kprog adaptor today .  Lets check as bellow :

In the car industry,Volvo’s security system is relatively tight. In the past, due to technical problems, it is extremely difficult to key program a Volvo XC60 smart key, the only way is resort to 4S shop, while the cost is terribly high.
Now, Lonsdor K518ISE can do it too, user no longer have to go to 4S shop and suffer the high cost, simply use K518ISE, which is for now the best Volvo key programming equipment.

Before key programming Volvo XC60, you need to read the security data of two modules, then directly OBD to add ...

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OBDSTAR X300 DP X-300DP PAD Functions Updated

X300 DP is the first tablet of OBDSTAR, which has reached a higher level inkey programming and diagnosis.

Full Configuration: Immobilizer+ odometer Adjustment+ EEPROM/PIC Adapter+ OBDII+ ABS+ TPS+ SRS Reset+ TPMS(Low Tire) Reset+ Steering Angle Reset+ CVT Learning/Value Reset+ EPB+ Oil/service Reset+ Battery Matching+ Full systems Diagnosis (Japanese and Korean Serials,more car models for diagnosis will be added in the future)

OBDSTAR X300 DP Update Announcement on July 31st

1. Odometer Reset:

Solve NEC 95320 MM dash board type odometer reset function defects

Solve NEC 24C64_VDO dash board type odometer reset function defects

Solve Sagitar (2007-2010) CDC24C32 dash board type odometer reset function defects

Solve NEC24C32 dash board type odometer reset ...

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SKP1000 Key Programmer Compare with SKP900 Key Programmer

SKP1000 is a tablet auto key programmer which covers all functions of SuperOBD SKP-900 key programmer. SKP-1000 key programmer is a convenient device which can perform immobilizer,  EPB+ Oil/service Reset , Mileage Adjustment and Ford and Nissan pin code calculation,and other special function, integrates more application and service, such as Maintenance Database, remote assistant, and One Key Update etc.

So whats the difference between SKP1000 key programmer and SKP900 key programmer ? Lets check the comparisions as bellow :

  SKP1000 Key Programmer SKP900 Key Programmer


Functions Key programming + Special functions Key programming
OBD mileage adjustment Yes No
Remote controller Yes No
Oil/service reset Yes No
ETC Yes No
EPB Yes No
EEPROM ch...
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How to do when MINI cn900 cant Power On

If someone who have problem cant power on the Mini CN900 , please check the steps how to do next as bellow :

1. First , please check the battery installed well or not

2. Install the battery into the main unit well

3. Press the button a while , then it will be power on

( Or you can use the USB cable connect the mini CN900 with laptop , then click power button)

Any other request for auto key programmers , please check on our website .

Thank you


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Best Quality Porsche Piwis Tester II V14.75 With CF30 Laptop Or Lenovo E49AL Laptop

Support for PIWIS Tester I will no longer be available once the earlier diagnostic programs have been transferred onto Porsche Piwis Tester II.
Piwis Tester II is the latest professional tester for Porshe,the most poweful diagnose and offline programming tool for Porsche,with latest tester for Porsche,powerful functions,full access When the Porsche Piwis II is distributed, it will contain one basic piece of software. This is necessary in order to start and configures the tester.

The Porsche Piwis Tester 2 comes with operating instructions in both German and English.

You will find instructions in other languages in the Porsche Partner Network (PPN) under: AFTERSALES, Workshop, Porsche Piwis, and Piwis Tester.

The new tester generation supports wireless operation over WLAN...

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K-tag ECU programming tool is so simple to operate

Owing each of the communication protocols operate along related ideas, the time of learning how to use Ktag won?ˉt take substantially. One protocol you may have knew may be the very same with you’ve got knew all. That is very comfort for users.

K-TAG gives you much more versatile than other ECU programming tool
You’ll be able to pick the applications which you will need with Ktag. You also can opt for the protocols to perform. K-TAG ECU Programming tool supports comprehensive protocols, the list you’ll be able to uncover in There you also can see exceptional auto key programmer.

Now the K-TAG ECU Programming tool sell at our store for big discount:
The price only sell :338usd/pc, if you can order more than 5pcs the price will be given 333usd/pc.
And many customer give us t...

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K-TAG is designed entirely around the needs of our customers to be more responsive and reliable. A true champion of innovation, K-TAG introduces another brand new novelty to Alientech world: J-Tag communication for Asian vehicles. Standard.

The new K-TAG ECU Programming is 100% J-Tag compatible, but in a completely different way. Usually J-Tag programmers are available only for big productions, never present in chiptuning devices. Using only the essential components, Alientech have merged J-Tag, Motorola BDM/Nexus and Bootloader Mitsubishi/Infineon Tricore/ST communication lines into a single product.

K-TAG works in perfect harmony. Learn how to use K-TAG takes almost no time, because all the communication protocols operate along similar principles...

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How to solve ktag master checksum error and KTAG ECU Programming Tool update problem

Master K-TAG ECU Programming Tool for bikes, cars, trucks, tractors. As katg version is 1.89, many customers update it when get it. Then they meet a problem: checksum or update error when use the Ktag V1.89.
K-TAG ECU Programming Tool K TAG Master KTAG for J-Tag

1. Ktag checksum error
When use Ktag, come out this error: checksum error. There are 2 reasons:
1) K-TAG cannot work on the chip you test
2) This software is not compatible with your computer
How to solve this error?
1) Change another ECU type or chip
2) Download this software,and install it on your computer,instead of the k-tag software in the CD.
Please close/uninstall all unti-virus software when you download or install the software.
K-tag ecu programming tool software download link:
2. K-tag update error
AS we know, K-TAG Sof...

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K-TAG ECU Chip Tuning Have More Function

K-TAG is actually obd2repair ecu ChipTuning device. Require user manual with regard to K-TAG ECU Programming ? The following is for you personally. K-TAG is only one specific of recent ecu development reference, lots of clients tend not to understand what could it be, what exactly is distinctive in comparison to ecu development gadget, at this time I am going to uncover a fast Intro.

K-TAG was created completely round the requirements of our own clients to become much more reactive as well as dependable. A genuine champ associated with development, K-TAG ECU Programming presents other brands brand new uniqueness in order to Alientech globe: J-Tag conversation with regard to Oriental automobiles.

In contrast to numerous ECU development resources, along with K-TAG you might have available ...

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