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Membership level

BY CNAUTOTOOL  2014-10-14

1.  Introduce of Member

(1).The member of autosky is differentiated as: Registered Member, VIP1 and VIP 2 .

(2). The price of our products also is differentiated as:Registered Member's price, VIP 1’s price and VIP 2’s price. Your member rating is higher, the less price you can get.

(3).Vistors can be registered on our website to be Registered Member, Registered Membe can become to VIP 1 or VIP 2:
      a). When Vistors registered on our website, so you can be Registered Member.
      b). When your integral is exceeded 1000 points through you purchased products on our website, so Registered Member will become to VIP1 automatically, if your intigral is exceeded 3000 points, you can become VIP 2 automatically.
      c). One US dollar is one point.
      d). You can apply for being a VIP 2 if you want to purchase many products in one time, PLZ contact our manager of website.


2.How to view your level members and remaining points?

Login your account on our website. You can see “ My Account “ in the top left corner of the website, you can check account level and remaining points, each account can enjoy the corresponding discount.

3.How to distinguish the account level and what is the orresponding discount of level account ?

In our website each consume a certain amount of value, can produce the same amount of points,
when the points reach a certain number, account will be upgraded to the corresponding level.

Registered Member:  0-1000 Points           not discount
                            VIP 1:     1001-3000 Points    99 discount
                            VIP 2:     over 3001 Points      98 discount

When you login to your account, the system will automatically according to your account level to show the discounted products.  It means after login to your account, you can see the product price is level members enjoy after the discount price.

When you don’t login your account , the product price as following:

If you are a VIP 1, you can enjoy the discount of 0.99. Login your account after seeing the product price is level member after the discount price, as follows:

4.How to use our website points ?

In our website consumer can produce a corresponding number of points, a certain amount of these points can buy products next time when converted into amount to use, 100 points for 1 usd.

At the time of submit orders, If you account has points, you can select points for the amount of consumption:

In Use points where fill in the need to use the points, Then the system will automatically minus the amount of points for, finally submit orders.

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