OTC 3111PRO Trilingual Scan Tool OBD II Code Reader

OTC 3111PRO Trilingual Scan Tool OBD II

The OTC 3111PRO Trilingual OBDII, CAN Scan Tool is a premium tool that every technician can afford and should have in their tool box. In addition to being Trilingual it also is able to retrieve ABS and Airbag trouble codes. It now has over 300 possible PIDs available in the live engine data. The tool has AutoID which automatically identifies the vehicle being scanned so there is no need to enter the specific vehicle information. Standard features include: Record and playback LIVE engine data, display LIVE real time data, 2010 MY coverage for HD, Hybrid and Diesel vehicles, acronym library, custom data list for LIVE data, dual graphing, display all modes of global OBD II and displays enhanced code definitions. Also included in this tool is Code Connect which has over 4.3 million verified fixes based on the code(s) being displayed. Software features include: read and display MIL status, I/M monitors, pending and permanent DTCs, freeze frame data, drive cycle mode, state OBD check, code lookup library and visual indicator when communicating with vehicle. There is not another tool in this price range that can touch the functionality of this tool. Compatible with all 1996 and newer domestic, asian and european cars and light trucks OBD II & CAN Records and plays back live, real time engine data Component locator provides text descriptions to indicate where components are located on the vehicle Airbag and ABS coverage for 1996 – 2010 GM, ford, Chrysler and also 1996 – 2009 Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Nissan vehicles Dual PID graphing capability.

OTC Scan Tool Hardware Features:
• Optional battery power
• Field updateable via USB port
• Trilingual manual (English, Spanish, and French)
• Print data to PC

OTC Scan Tool Software Features:
• Read and erase DTCs
• OBD II generic and manufacturer specific code definitions
• Read and display MIL status
• Read and display I/M monitors
• Visual indicator when communicating with vehicle
• Pending and Permanent DTCs
• Freeze frame data
• Drive cycle mode
• State OBD check
• Code lookup library
• Trilingual menus and definitions