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Monthly Archives December 2014

Lexia 3 V47 PP 2000 for Citron and Peugeot Car Diagnose

Lexia 3 V47 PP2000 V25 is a Professional Diagnostic Tool for Peugeot and Citroen. It’s usefull for Garage repair shop. The latest version Lexia3 is V47,and the latest PP2000 is V25. Now you can update Lexia 3/PP2000 by CD, this interface works for both Citroen and Peugeot! If you want to free download Lexia3 software, how to install Lexia/PP2000.pdf, Lexia/PP2000 manual and Lexia/PP2000 video visit store.

Now Lexia 3 lexia3 V47 PP2000 V25 just sold at 66$ today, I will show you the details of Lexia 3 software lexia3 V47 PP2000 V25. Lexia 3 lexia3/PP2000 Compatible Vehicles: It compact with Citroen car includeC1,C2,C3,C4,C6,C8 C-CROSSER,NEMO,BERLINGO,JUMPY,JUMPER,AX,SAXO,BX and so on.

But please pay attention, according to our customer’s experience, this item can not wor...

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GM Tech2 Specific information at belows

Sometimes whether GM Tech 2 can be used in long-term depends on the tool maintenance. After using the GM Tech2, a few simple steps will insure that you get the most life out of this diagnostic tool.

Before all thing start, you should remember do not spray or pour cleaner anywhere on the Tech 2 Scanner. If the Tech 2 should become dirty, clean it with a mild detergent or hand soap. Avoid using harsh solvents such as petroleum-based cleaning agents: acetone, benzene, trichlorethylene, etc. Harsh solvents can etch Tech 2 plastic surfaces.
Although the Tech 2 is water resistant it is not waterproof, so be sure to thoroughly dry off the Tech 2 Scanner prior to usage and/or storage.
Maintenance of the Tech 2 requires periodic inspection and cleaning of:
• The display window
• The keypad
• ...

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GM Tech2 Features and Functions for Diagnose

Does GM Tech 2 have other features?
Yes, sure. Other features as following:
1.Authentic GM software in the GM Tech2 Flash means the most comprehensive diagnostic software available for late model GM vehicles.
2. Support for on-board diagnostics on all Tech 2 Scanner systems 1992 thru current year.
3. Removable hardware modules provide insurance against scan tool obsolescence.
4. Large, easy-to-read backlit screen.
5. RS232 & RS485 ports provide the avenue to connect future devices to your GM Tech 2 Scanner Flash.
6. Ability to capture stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, and Failure Record for later review.
7. Ability to view the status of vehicle diagnostic tests as they run.

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Digimaster III Original Odometer Correction Scanner

At present, due to the OBD2 Tools Digimaster III, it helps make the look at and service of car better and a lot more and a lot more simple. Both of those specialists and car or truck proprietors benefit from the ease and quickness. Furthermore, it can be uncomplicated for them to examine out the present and probable issues with no earning the garments dirty with dust and gasoil.

With a great number of brand name and sequence of vehicles, you can also find a great number of obd2 tools for autos...

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Digimaster III Odometer Correction Big Promotion On Cnautotool Store

Digimaster 3

If you are interested in Digimaster 3 or need the technical service of  Digimaster III, please contact us online or email us:

We are a leading Digiprog III supplier, professional wholesaler of Digiprog III, can supply all kinds of auto diagnostic tools with the best pirce, great quality and desired aftersales service, if you need Digiprog III, we will be your good choice.

Digiprog 3 is the worldwide leader in the production and marketing of digital speed programming and correction software...

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X-100+ Auto Key Programmer Software Coverages

As I know there is only numerous car key programmer support upgrade through web, like godiag T300 plus and CN900 key programmer. At this time I wanna introduce an additional one new car key programmer which supports upgrade via internet within the authentic manufacture site, it’s   X-100+Auto Key Programmer.
X-100 Key Programmer plus is definitely an universal auto key programmer which performs with dozens of car brands from Asia, Europe, America, China, like:
Asia: Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Mazda, Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, Kia, Hyundai, Daewoo, and so forth
Europe: Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, Porsche, Opel, Citroen, Peugeot, and so on
America: GM, Cadillac, Buick, etc
China: Wonderful Wall, Chery, Brilliance-auto, Geely, LIFAN, HAFEI, CHANGAN, LANDWIND, BYD, etc

Such ...

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Auto X-100 Key Programmer Information And FRQ

X-100+Auto Key Programmer

X-100+Auto Key Programmer supports English. And Spanish Version will be released in the market. It’s software can be updated via official website. With X-100+, Without worries about Matching!

X-100 Key Programmer is a kind of handheld device for programming keys in Immobilizer units on vehicles. This scan tool has a simple and robust design, to make your Vehicle service experience much easier!

What are the difference between x-100+ and the other auto anti matching equipment?
The other equipment is major in auto locksmith, and can only do key matching, can not
renew between anti safe and engine ECU, but x-100+ is not only for locksmith, it is including
the customers from the workshop. Because the workshop not only use the key matching,
they also need to replace the a...

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Vag com 12.12 now is the latest version 12.12

Vag com 12.12

Vag com 12.12 now is the latest version, and there are many different feathers than vag 12.10.3, please check:
1. Vag 12.12 Includes partial support for VW Crafter vans. Communications with all control modules;
VCDS 12.12 functions supported: Control Module ID and Advanced ID, Fault Codes (Read and Clear),
Supported Codes, Security Access, and Adaptation. Other functions such as Measuring Values,
Output Tests, and Basic Settings will be added in future versions.
2. New, more universal Airbag Coding Assistant.
3. New “Upload Debug/Log File” function in Applications Dialog
4. Completely revised and expanded ROD (ODX) Data.
5. New USB Drivers. Now compatible with the latest PCs which use Fresco Logic USB3

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Professional Car Diagnostic Tool VAS5054

VAS 5054A  car diagnostic tool is the major car diagnostic tool for VW, AUDI, Seat and Skoda.
They can do for the ABS, SRS and readout the car trouble code, clear the trouble.
And sometimes, customer need order the VAS5054A  with oki chip, because if without OKI Chip, it can not do for some cars, like some latin American cars.

And many customers say the VAS5054A is the best product with good price can do for audi, vw, seat and skoda cars. The Vas 5054a software now it is the latest version: Vas 5054a v19 . The language for vas5054a is: English, Spanish and French, you can choose one.

The vas5054a is the professional car diagnostic tool, and there are also have many auto car diagnostic tool, like the : launch x431 series product: launch x431 diagun iii, x431 IV, x431 gds.
And the Autel ...

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Launch X431 Diagun III Auto Scanner Tool

Launch X431 Diagun III is the original product update online for one year free. The launch X431 diagun iii compare with launch X431 diagun, the advantages are the Bluetooth connector now the diagun iii Bluetooth connector is the DB scar connector, and the X431 Diagun can work with most of cars in the world, it support the global version, and North American Version and Latin American Version.

Last week, I have a customer who bought a launch x431 diagun iii from others, but when he use the product the screen can’t touch and it seems not very flexible, and he wants to need help with his launch x431 diagun iii, first he needs to use the diagun iii pen to calibrate the screen. Then can use the launch X431 diagun iii.

And some times the customer always said the diagun iii db scar can’t work, ...

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