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Monthly Archives October 2016

MB SD C4 Star Diagnostic Tool With Super Engineering Software DTS Monaco And Vediamo Plus EVG7 Tablet PC Support Offline

EVG7 Analysis Control Product LAPTOP In addition MB SD C4 Get in touch Sleek and stylish C4 V2016. 07 Software package HARD DISK DRIVE
one particular. Kann cease to live Set up und Ausführung MB-SD-C4 with EVG7 HARD DISK DRIVE auf MB SD C4 with EVG7 Product LAPTOP ohne Warnung und Fehler.
a couple of. Drops dead ist Paket für EVG7 DL46 Product LAPTOP und MB Sd schlie? en Vertrag C4, cease to live eine Menge Geld zu sparen angeboten.

MB SD Get in touch C4 Perform:
one particular. Fresh MB SD Get in touch Sleek and stylish 4 Movie star Verdict not alone service Nited kingdom collection spot and may BUS, but additionally UDS spot method. Due to the fact outdated MB MOVIE STAR C4 key mother board wouldn’t have UDS chip, so outdated MB MOVIE STAR C4 are unable to service the idea;
a couple o...

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Newest Super Engineering Software DTS Monaco And Vediamo for MB SD Connect Compact 4 Diagnostic Tool With EVG7 Tablet PC

MB Star C4 professional benz diagnostic tool for cars and trucks with newest software V2016.07. All SD Conenct Compact 4 and MB Star software needs activation for EPC, you need to start the EWA-net icon, and log in to activate, sometimes,when you start it, it shows”internet can not show the webpage” we can offer the technical support for buyer, and now we have the latest sfotware DTS Software can do some special function.

about the MB SD Compact 4 With Super Engineering Software DTS monaco And Vediamo Softare with EVG7 Tablet PC for buyer to choose, With the Vediamo benz engineers software out of the market, Super engineer software DTSmonaco is coming, it can achieve separate programming, scan entire vehicle software code, read entire vehicle setting code data, It truly one-button operati...

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The Latest Update For Launch X431 V /V+/Diagun Iii/ Pro /Pro3/ Pros/ Pro3S/ PAD/5C on Cnautotool

All the latest launch x431 diagnostic tools has one year’s free update online. After one year, you need to pay hundreds to thousand dollars for another one year’s free update. If you don’t want to pay so much but still want to get the latest software, welcome to purchase the latest update for Launch X431 V /V+/Diagun Iii/ Pro /Pro3/ Pros/ Pro3S/ PAD/5C on Cnautotool. We can help you update the latest software and send it to you by email. But you need to provide us your launch scanner’s clear serial number photo.

How to send the picture with clear SN . for your launch x431 scanner(backside of the main unit or Passkey paper,or a screenshot of SN on main unit):
Serial number (SN) of your Device:

After you download the software from our link, you need to copy and cover the softwares into the ...

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How to Solve the Problem When You Test MaxiSYS Pro MS908P Key Erase Issue on 2000 Ford Focus

I share a problem about Autel Maxisys Pro key erasure on 2000 ford focus and its solution with you.
Issue description:

I intended to replace the PCM in my vehicle. With followed all the instruction for key erasure, the MaxiSYS MS908P seemed to freeze at the 9 second make on the task bar.

The engine told me that I could only program new third key with having 2 already programmed keys, which meant that I couldn’t program new key if I did not have 2 working keys.

1 Download the beta version V6.12.10 to have a test.

2 Try to program key manually. The process bar will appear for 10s after key erasure. Please ignition off and program it as followed:

Turn the ignition key to position 0

Cycle key1 in the ignition from OFF to RUN for at least 3 seconds

Cycle key2 in the igniti...

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2016 Latest Maxisys MS908 Pro for ECU J2534 Programming

It’s an instruction on how to do ECU reflashing/Programming/Coding with Autel Maxisys pro MS908P tablet and J2534 ECU Programming device.

Note: so far, Autel MS908P is th eonly full diagnostic scanner supporting online ECU Programming,

Connection issues:
Connect the car to a stable voltage supply
make sure the battery clamps are properly fixed
fully charge Autel MS908P tablet

Step2-connect to network
connect maxisys pro to the internet
make sure the network connection is stable to ensure a successful ECU programming
Both wired&wireless connection is ok, using ethernet cable
Check the connection status icon to confirm the internet connection is successful

Step3-Connection to J2534 ECU Programmer
Connect maxiflash J2534 ECU Programming device to MS908P using USB cable, Tighten the screws

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You Can Get 2 Years Free Update Online for Autel Maxisys MS906 on Cnautotool

Autel MaxiSys MS906 is an advanced diagnostic device developed for customerslooking for a tool with ultra-convenient and modern design while still delivering ultimate performance for most cars. It’s realeased by Autel company. Featuring the powerful Samsung Exynos 5260 cor e processor (1.3 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 + 1.7 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A15), and an 8.0 inch LED capacitive touch screen, based on the multitasking operating system, and combined with the best possible coverage of OE-level diagnostics, the MaxiSys MS906 is the ideal solution to manage your repair jobs smartly and conveniently with greater integration.

MaxiSys MS906 Features:
Open source Android Operating System for fast boot-up and multitasking
Easy and intuitive navigation makes finding what you need simple and fa...

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Compare the difference between FVDI, VVDI,SVDI ABRITES Commander

FVDI,VVDI,SVDI all share the same function,like mileage correction,key programming,code scanning,diagnosing etc,but FVDI contains many softwares for your choice such as VW,BMW,Benz,Porsche,Opel,Renault, Ford,Toyota,Volvo,Chrysler,Mitsubishi and work for many car modules which VVDI doesn’t,VVDI has only VW software at present and work for VW serial cars,this is the difference and the difference among SVDI,FVDI and VVDI lies in that SVDI can work for both cars and trucks while FVDI and VVDI can only work for cars.SVDI owns VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and TAG key tool these softwares which is more than VVDI but less than FVDI.These three all work through OBD,it is very convenient and portable.If you are looking for a multi-function tool that can work for many car modules,then you can choose FVDI

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2016 FVDI ABRITES Commander With Full Version 18 Software

Are you still annoyed by taking so many tools when confronted with problems on your car,like you will need mileage correction tool,key programmer,diagnostic tool,code scanner etc,you will get a lot of tools on hand and test one by one,and for different car modules,you may take different tools,this is time-consuming and space-taking, isn’t it?Now,you can get just one tool that contains all these function and for many different car modules,it is easy-taking and easy-function,want to know more?please refer to below:
1. Software Version: 18.0
Update by CD
Multi-Language:English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Chinese, Bulgarian
Reading Pin code by OBDII
Programming keys by OBDII. Preparation of dealer’s keys.
Mileage recalibration by OBDII
Clearing crash ...

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