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Monthly Archives June 2018

Solutions for Witech “Registration Required” Issues

Recently , there have customer said he met some issues to use the wiTECH MicroPod 2 , the issues display as bellow :

He said allow him to connect to vehicle though – just continues to pop above message up .
We have offered the solutions for this issues , please check :
1.Right click the “witech diagnostic application “
2.Select the “Attribute” , Open file location , select “app-config”
3.Select “ edit “, find value=”5f86b7db0f4d58127d30dd7e4e44cd7f”change to value=”6f86b7db0f4d58127d30dd7e4e44cd7f”,click save

4.Restart witech diagnostic application , close the registration required window , click “next”

5.Select “ Work offline “ , click “ finish ”
Then it can work stable now , please try again , if you still not clearly , please check the Video here

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Launch iCarScan TPMS RESET Special Function Listing

As we all know , launch iCarScan support full system , it with 10 free software which you can selected from the EZdiag app directly

By the way , you can select 10 free software from special functions software as your request , today , lets check one of the special function vehicles listing as bellow :

TPMS RESET V10.48 Diagnostics List(Note:For reference only)
Make Model Year
ACURA ACURA CL 2007 - 2014
ACURA CSX 2007 - 2014
ACURA EL 2007 - 2014
ACURA MDX 2007 - 2014
ACURA RDX 2007 - 2014
ACURA RSX 2007 - 2014
ACURA TL 2008 - 2014
ACURA TSX 2007 - 2014
AUDI A1 2011 - 2014
A2 2000 - 2005
A3 1997 - 2014
A4 1995 - 2014
A5 2008 - 2014
A6 1992 - 2014
A7 2011 - 2014
A8 1994 - 2014
CABRIO 1992 - 2000
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BMW ICOM NEXT is Different from BMW ICOM A2

BMW ICOM NEXT and BMW ICOM A2 both can work with the same software ISTA-D ISTA-P for the same BMW vehicles. But they are kind of different from some aspects, especially firmware adaption. Such as :

(1) ICOM NEXT Functionally compatible to BMW ICOM A2
(2) ICOM NEXT Mechanical design similar ICOM A2 
(3) ICOM NEXT Backwards compatible to car adapters (BMW ICOM B, C) and motorcycle adapters (ICOM D, E)


1. Zeroization of data on tamper detection

2. Secure supply chain assurance

3. Key storage using physically un-clonable function

4. CRI Pass-Through DPA Patent Portfolio

5. Advanced cryptographic Services

(5) Improved Functionality and Performance:

1. Gbit workshop LAN,backwards compatible


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Solutions for Autel MS908P MaxiSys Pro can’t enter into the main menu

When start the machine , it cant enter into the main menu , just stop to the windown like the bellow picture display :

This issue is because Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P ‘s operation system was damaged
 So how to fix this issue ? Please check the following steps :

1.  Download the interface refresh program from this link :

2. Put the download file into the mini SD card , upzip the files , then insert the card into the MS908P main unit

3. Reboot the MS908P main unit , you will see

4. After finished refresh the system , take out the mini SD card

5. At last , reboot the main unit again , then the operation system will be normal .

Thats all , thank you

Any ot...

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