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How to Solve FVDI 2015 and FVDI 2016 Locked Problem

As we all know , FVDI is good car diagnostic tool which with strong functions , it have the good feedback from the market . Recently , there have customers have some problem for it , lets check together .

I have FVDI 2015/2016 full from fly company.
After correct connection I have error device not open and now the green led from fvdi is off and the red-green led from soft dongle (red dongle) blink together.
Changed to other usb cable same, tried and with second pc and I have the same error.
And my both pc cannot find the device as if it does not exist.


Solutions :
Don’t run the old FVDI 2014 FVDI 2015 FVDI 2016 Quicker loader software 6.3 version and connect to Server anymore, otherwise the FVDI abrites commander clone devices will be locked.  The main unit LED lights goes off and software dongle flashes.

1.If your FVDI is not yet locked, please update the Quick Loader  to V7.0 as soon as possible.Remove old versions and don’t run it anymore.

Free Download FVDI 2015 & 2016 V7.0!WAglGaTB!t-JvU38sWLrw4CEmpidu0TZzkNbhGGsLweAbYOrb-Yw

2.If your device has been locked, you should send the main unit back to FLY company for repairing.

3.If you don’t want to send back main unit for repairing. Contact our customer service and pay extra money to get FVDI 2018 never locked version.

New FVDI 2018 eleased. They using new server.  It does not need activation and won’t be locked.


Fly fvdi is best clone. Fvdiobd is clone of clone. Fvdiobd cloned again from fly.

FVDIOBD made FVDI 2018  as well and connect to their own server. But cannot 100% guaranteed it won’t be locked Because one of customers bought their machine and locked It is sad.

Take care: do not use the FVDI 2018 link for the FVDI 2018 tool from FVDIOBD as that version connects to their own server – connection to the Fly server will destroy that tool.


Here’s the DK member solution to the FVDI 2015/2016 locked problem. Credit to gopelhu.  Just for sharing purpose. You are at your risk.

1.) FVDI V2015 or higher with softdog versions:

If the pc cannot detecting any fvdi’s then the LPC1788 processor was erased ( the Quickloader v6.3 will erase the LPC processor ).

always erasing are the following two address: 0×00000000-0x00047FFF or 0×00000000-0x0007FFFF

(click to enlarge)

After the FVDI died because there are no has a BOOT sector and the some firmware rows.

2.) if you cannot bought any FVDI’s from FLY Company, then the pc will go to internet then always erasing all FVDI LPC processors by FLY server !!!!!

3.) I solved all algorithms to fvdi firmware encrypting/decrypting and now i looking the 8bytes key to v2015 version.

Any interesting for our FVDI 2018  , welcome to contact us directly on .

Thank you