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Monthly Archives November 2018

Scania VCI2/VCI3 interface Software Update

Scania SDP3 Diagnos & Programmer 3 software has been tested and verified working with Scania VCI2, VCI3 interface.

Software version:

If you want to update the software for your Scania VCI2, VCI3 interface , please contact us at , we will send the software to you by email free .

Scania VCI support Multi-language: German, English,Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish,Turkish, Chinese, Traditional Chinese,Romanian

Operating system: Windows 7 32 bit,  Windows 8/8.1 32 bit, Windows 10 32 bit.

Compatible device: Scania VCI2 SDP3, Scania VCI3 SDP3

Activation: 1 Time activation for Free via Teamviewer

The catalog “Scania SDP2 2...

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How to do BMW F series coding with CGDI

CGDI car key programmer is popular for BMW , work for BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/FEM/BDC Key Programming and All Keys Lost .

Today wed like to introduce how to do coding for BMW F series .

1. Connect CGDI BMW Pro to the car via OBD and click on BMW F series coding.

2. Choose ECU info

Note: this function needs to connect the internet, so please confirm the network is normal , click “ Read ECU info “ .

3. After reading ECU successfully, click on “ 3. FEM_BODY” like the picture display

4. Click on Backup coding, then Yes.

5. Backup coding succeed, this is the path to save the file.

6. Click coding

7. Coding succeed

So do you know how to do coding for BMW F series now ? Any more questions , welcome to check

Thank you


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How to Installing Printer Driver and use it for Autel Maxisys MS906

The Autel MaxiSys MS906 Diagnostic Platform allows you to print the information needed for your convenience. To realize the printing function, you need to install the printer driver program.

Steps to install the printer driver program

1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM of the computer and open the CD folder.

2. Double click on Autel Run.exe item.

3. Click the MaxiSys Printer icon in the MaxiSys PC Suite screen.

4. Select the installation language and the printer driver installation wizard will load momentarily.

5. Follow the wizard instructions on the screen and C lick Next to continue.

6. Click on Install and the printer driver program will be installed onto the computer.

7. Click on Finish to complete the whole installation procedure.

NOTE: The MaxiSys Printer runs automatically after the...

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Autel Maxisys MS908CV No Communication Message

As a new member of Autel’s MaxiSys family, the MaxiSys CV is built on the powerful MaxiSys 908 platform and provides a comprehensive disgnostic solution for virtually all commercial vehicles as well as machines made in North America, Europe and Asia. Offering advanced features and extreme ease-of-use, MaxiSys CV is the ideal solution for independent repair shops, owner-operators and various sized fleets seeking a single scan tool for all their professional heavy duty needs.

But sometimes there you will met some issues as bellowing 2 situations , please check how can we do next .

A: If the MaxiSys Display Tablet is not connected to the VCI device, an Errormessage displays. An Errormessage indicates the Display Tablet is not communicating with the VCI device, and so you cann...

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Notice when you use DSP III DSP3 Odometer Correction Tool

DSP III Odometer Correction Tool is 2017 latest Mileage Correction Tool for high-end cars . Super DSPIII Odometer correction tool is the most complete programming device for digital odometers.It can work for AUDI/VW/ SKODA/SEAT/BENTLE/MERCEDES/LAND ROVER/JAGUAR/ VOLVO/ PORSCHE 2010-2017 .

But we’d like to say that when you use this tool , you should be attention for the 3 points :

1: DSP 3 Plus & BSI correction
Before correction of some odometers, you have to reset BSI module first, such as ‘peugeot 307’, you should select ‘BSI’ and reset the km to zero, then adjust the km of odometer.
2.IMPORTANT NOTE 2: DSP III Plus & LCM/ EWS/ CAS unit correction
Before correction of some BMW odometers you have to reset the km in LCM/ EWS/ CAS module first, this operation is similar to odomet...

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Comparison for Original and OEM Perkins EST interface

Perkins EST is comprised of a hardware and software PERKINS EST Diagnostic Adapter . EST is comprised of a hardware and software EST is comprised of a hardware and software interface kit, which a user can use to communicate with Perkins 2300/2800 electronic engines (FG Wilson 300 750 KVA range) and FG Wilson Power wizard control panels. This communication is established via a J1939 data link. All in all, the EST interface kit provides the user with an effective tool in diagnosing engine problems and the ability of configuring system parameters.

Today we’d like to introduce some difference between original Perkins EST interface and the OEM one

Lets check :


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