OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Update Instructions ( 2019/04-2019/06 )

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus X300 PAD2 is a new Android-based vehicle trouble diagnostic device developed for internet applications. The software of it upgrade every month , please check the update information as bellow :

2019-06 Update information



Optimized the key learning function


1. Increased 12-digit Pincode smart key system type3

2. Increased 12-digit Pincode IMMO system type3


1. Optimized Senova D50 key programming

2. Optimized Hyosow S6 smart key programming procedure

3. Increased BAIC new energy EU5 smart key system group 2 Initialization enter into system scanning mode


1. Optimized Courier(Tourneo Courier) key programming

2. Optimized Ecosport Pincode algorithm in key programming

3. Optimized Kuga Pincode algorithm in smart key programming


1. New Increased: 300/300C(2015-2017/2018-), 300(2019), PACIFICA(2018/2019)

VIPER(2015-2017), CHALLENGER(2015-2017/2018/2019), RAM(2018)CHARGER

(2015-2017/2018/2019),DURANGO(2014/2018-2019), WRANGLER(2018-2019)

2. Increased 2017- Renegade smart key system

3. Increased 2017-2018 Compass smart key system

4. Increased 2018-2019 Grand Cherokee smart key system

5. Optimized 300C(2005-2006)(2015-2017) function menu

6. Optimized US-Canada area 2014-2015 Grand Cherokee key programming

7. Optimized US-Canada area 2015-2016 Renegade key programming

8. Optimized US-Canada area 2008 Grand Cherokee key programming

9. Optimized US-Canada area 1998-2000 300M key programming security algorithm


1. Increased 2017- CX9 smart key programming

2. Optimized 2018 CX4 smart key system ignition on function

3. Optimized 2018 CX4 smart key system all keys lost programming procedure


1. Optimized Megane

2. Optimized 2012 Fluqnce flipkey

3. Optimized 2015 Dacia Logan key programming

Great Wall

1. Increased data index ID

2. Solved Haval H6 2017- smart key programming failure


1.Increased Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and California

2.Optimized 2016- Maserati smart key IMMO data reading

3.Optimized BSI_MARELLI_70F3633_95320 type EEprom reading

4.Revised Iveco key programming type LIER_BCM and DELHP_IMMO prompt text


Increased and optimized D60 smart key system


1. Optimized Tunland remote system

2. Increased the help data ID


Optimized Emgrand EV450 UMC smart key system


1. Solved Excelle 2018- prompt 7F E3 problem

2. Solved GL6 2017- security verification failure


Increased the data ID


Increased the data ID


Increased the data ID


1. Increased the data ID

2. Increased Roewe E50 IMMO system

3. Increased Roewe RX8 IMMO system

4. Increased Roewe Ei5 IMMO system

5. Increased MG GS smart key system

6. Increased MG MG6 smart key system

7. Increased MG ZS smart key system

8. Increased Roewe 750 (new) IMMO system

9. Optimized Roewe RX3 IMMO system (non-smart)


Cluster Calibration


1. Revised FOCUS 2018- to be FOCUS 2019

2. Optimized 2017- Ecosport cluster calibration procedure

3. Increased 2017- EcoSport/2017- Carnival/2018- Focus/2018- Transit Custom

Great Wall

Increased Hover H6 and H8 cluster calibration function


Optimized Benz B series W245 cluster calibration function


1. Shielded the Citroen C5 menu

2. Increased the model‘help’ index

3. Shielded Citroen BSI_P0X extra function menu(recover FLASH)


Updated the function of automatically recognize the dashboard type


Optimized the algorithm file of encrypted chip


APK Software

Increased Java Script in Help section, support the online automatic multi-language translation


2019-05 Update Information



1. Optimized the vehicle data index

2. Optimized 93C86 pre-coding function

3. Optimized the function menu display

4. Optimized 500X pro key programming function

5. Optimized 93C86/95640 type IMMO pre-coding function

6. Revised generate dealer keyto be make dealer key


1. Optimized GETZ IMMO system

2. Optimized 47chip Pincode reading function


1. Increased French and Turkish translation

2. Increased the multi-language IMMO helpfile

3. Solved Megane 4 2016 blade key Pincode reading problem

4. Optimized Koleos 2010-2016 key programming and realized all keys lost


1. Increased B-MAX key programming

2. Increased FLEX 2011- key programming

3. Increased FIESTA 2013- Type 1 key programming

4. Increased COURIER(TOURNEO COURIER) key programming


1. Optimized the menu

2. Revised 2017- GL8 2.0T smart key programming operation prompt

3. Optimized Buick Excelle -2012 key programming and remote programming procedure

4. Canceled Excelle -2012 key programming 2702 negative response judgment

Land Rover

Increased the multi-language IMMO helpfile


1. Optimized Emgrand EC715 Pincode input

2. Optimized NL-3 key programming failure


Optimized Maserati 2016- smart key system


1. Increased French and Turkish translation

2. Solved BSI_H0X Pincode reading problem

3. Solved the problem that display ****and FUCKwhen reading Pincode


1. Increased VW LT3 remote programming

2. Solved Audi A6L 2012 data backup problem


Solved the problem of failure prompt to actual success of Toyota smart card


1. Increased VAUXHALL VIVARO 2002- IMMO

2. Increased VAUXHALL VIVARO 2008- IMMO

3. Increased VAUXHALL VIVARO 2014- IMMO

4. Revised the first section menu to be Opel and Vauxhall

5. Increased OPEL COMBO D 2012-2017 (DELPHI 93C86 (ID46)) IMMO


Solved the problem of failure prompt to actual success of Toyota smart card


Optimized the old protocol models key programming


1. Increased MU-X proximity system

2. Increased D-MAX proximity system

3. Increased MU-7 IMMO system 48 chip

4. Increased D-MAX IMMO system 48 chip

5. Increased RODEO IMMO system 48 chip


Cluster Calibration


1. Increased F150_2017 SPC5645(24C32)/F150 2013 SPC5604


3. Increased FOCUS 2011(NEC 70F3425)/MONDEO 2016 SPC5604

4. Increased RANGER SPC560(2013)/TRANSIT 2013 NEC 70F3425

5. Increased EDGE HYBRID 2012/ESCAPE 2013/EXPEDITION 2017

6. Increased MUSTANG 2013 SPC5606/RANGER SC667351+93C86(2017)

  1. Increased C-MAX 2011(NEC 70F3425)/EDGE 2016/EDGE 2011(D70F3423)
  2. Increased TRANSIT 2012 24C32/MKC 2014 SPC5604/MKX 2016 SPC5604

9. Increased MKZ 2014- SPC5604/MONDEO 2015 SPC5645S+93C86 Denso

10. Increased F250 2018 type 2 menu

11. Revised the Edge menu 2016to be 2016-

12. Optimized Ranger 2017 security algorithm procedure

13. Optimized the menu Mustang 2015to beMustang 2015-

14. Optimized the multi-pin scan entry failed problem in F150 2017 and Mustang 2015

Great Wall

Optimized the Haval H9 EEPROM backup, mileage reading and commend writing procedure


1. Increased Jaguar XJ 2016

2. Increased Jaguar XF(24C64)/XK(24C64)/XKR(24C64)

Land Rover

1. Increased Velar 2018 (24C64)

2. Increased Range Rover 2017

3. Increased Range Rover Sport 2010

4. Increased Range Rover 2015 (Full LCD)

5. Increased Range Rover Sport 2017- (Full LCD)

6. Updated French and Turkish translation

7. Solved Evoque 2012 security algorithm problem.

8. Replaced encryption chip algorithm with local algorithm in Velar 2018/Rang Rover 2015, 2017/Rang Rover Sport 2010-


1. Increased 300 2015/300C 2015/Charger 2016/Dart 2012

2. Increased Charger 2015(D70F3525)/Journey 2011-2012/RAM 2013-

3. Increased Renegade/SRI-6 2010-/Hellcat Redeye(Dodge) 2015(D70F3525)


Increased Camry 2018 cluster calibration


1. Optimized 2012- Audi A6L communication timing

2. Increased VW Touareg new type dashboard cluster calibration

3. Optimized communication breakdown problem in part of vehicles cluster calibration


Updated the French translation


1.Increased AVANTE MB91F061BS

2.Increased I40 2015 MB91F062BS

3.Increased I30 2015 MB91F062BS

4.Increased ELANTRA MB91F061BS

5.Increased SANTA FE MB91F061BS

  1. Increased SONATA 9th MB91F062BS

7. Increased TUCSON 2015 MB91F062BS


1. Increased K2 MB91F061BS

2. Increased SEDONA MB91F061BS

3. Increased PICANTO MB91F061BS

4. Increased SORENTO MB91F061BS

5. Increased CARNIVAL MB91F061BS


APK Software

1. Increased multi-language translation

2. Solved the display problem in motion test



2019-04 Update Information



1. Increased Kwid 2018 key programming

2. Increased Fluence 2012 blade key programming

3. Increased Master 2008- key programming (No Need Pincode)

4. Increased Trafic 2014- key programming (No Need Pincode)

5. Increased Twingo 2014- new version key programming (No Need Pincode)

6. Increased Logan 2014- new version key programming (No Need Pincode)

7. Updated Clio IV key programming and operation guide

8. Updated Espace/Megane/Talisman/Scenic 2015 key programming procedure

9. Optimized Megane 4 2015-/Espace 2015-/Scenic 2016- generate dealer key procedure

10. Optimized Talisman 2015- key learning and generate dealer key and algorithm


Increased Sandero 2017 key programming


1. Increased the help index

2. Increased EV smart key system

3. Increased R7 IMMO system and smart key system

4. Increased R9 IMMO system and smart key system



1. Increased Citroen C4 IMMO system type 2

2. Increased CITROEN BERLINGO key programming

3. Optimized key programming type2

4. Optimized Peugeot 508 programming prompt

5. Optimized Peugeot 207 key programming failure

6. Optimized N0X display LOCKin Pincode reading

7. Optimized BOSCH ME7.4.4/ME7.4.5 all keys lost Pincode reading


1. Increased Auchan A800 BCM

2. Optimized Changan X70A BCM

3. Optimized the software frame, display menu after entering system


1. Increased VW Magotan add and erase remote function

2. Optimized key learning and remote programming failure

3. Optimized Johnson Controls automatical recognization problem

4. Solved part of VW Magotan models 46 central control system remote programming failure

5. Optimized VW Magotan/CC key learning function

6. Optimized Audi A6L/Q7 8E chip generate dealer key function


Optimized 2016- Maserati smart key IMMO data reading function


1. Increased 300C 2009-2011 PinCode Reading via OBDII

2. Increased RAM 2009-2012 PinCode Reading via OBDII

3. Revised the menu structure: list models according to district

4. Increased GRAND CHEROKEE 2009-2013 PinCode Reading via OBDII


Resolved the ISN reading failure in part of new cars

Land Rover

Removed the help information of 2015- write starting smart keys


1. Optimized -2017 Kuga

2. Increased 2017- Transit IMMO function

3. Optimized Carnival 2002-2008 and 2009-2012


1. Increased S32 (EV) remote system

2. Increased Tiggo 3XE remote system

3.Increased Arrizo 5E/7E remote system

4. Increased Arrizo 5E smart key system(type 4)

5. Increased Karry K50 electric car remote system

6. Optimized software structure, display the menu after entering system


1. Increased the manual selection in Pincode reading from BCM system

2. Optimized the procedure of Pincode reading from BCM (prompt BCM type before Pincode reading)

3. Optimized software structure, display the menu after entering system

4. Optimized Chevrolet Cruze 2017- blade key programming procedure


Optimized BR451 type key programming function


Optimized software structure, display the menu after entering system


1. Optimized Zotye Z300 remote programming

2. Optimized Zotye T600 Naen smart key system

3. Optimized software structure, display the function menu after entering the system


1. Increased EC7 chip key online Pincode calculation

2. Increased GX7 (smart key) online Pincode calculation

3. Increased GX7 chip key online Pincode calculation

4. Increased GX9 (smart key) online Pincode calculation

5. Increased GX9 chip key online Pincode calculation

6. Increased Vision X1/X3/X6 online Pincode calculation

7. Increased Jingang SC6 online Pincode calculation


Increased Enranger 737 IMMO system type 2

Cluster Calibration


1. Increased in 2018 F250 the 6&14 pin communication

2. Optimized 2018 F250 security algorithm procedure


1. Increased 2017- Corvette Sport

2. Optimized 2017- Malibu cluster calibration, increased security algorithm scan


Oil Service Reset

Increased Porsche 2018- Panamera and Cayenne



New Increased:

BAIC Hyosow: H5/S7


Qinshuangguan(2015-2016)/Qing(2017)/Tang(general version)/Tang(2017)/Song DM/Song EV/

Song MAX/Song (fuel version)/Song (2017 fuel version)/Surui/Yuan (fuel version)/E6H/G6/M3/S7/T3

GAC Trumpche: GA3S PHEV/GA4/GA5/GA6/GA8/GE3/GS3/GS4 2018/GS4 PHEV

Roewe: i6/ei6

Shanghai GM:

BUICK: New Lacrosse 2017-/Envision 2015-2018/Verano 2016-2018/Velite_5 2017/

Velite 2018

CADILLAC: CT6 2016-2018/XT5 2017-2018

CHEVROLET: Malibu 2016-2018/Springo EV 2014/Camaro 2017-2018/Equinox 2018


BUICK: Envision 2016-2018/Enclave 2014-2017/Enclave 2018/Cascada 2016-2018/

Regal 2016-2018

CADILLAC: XT5 2017-2018/CT6/ATS 2017-2018/CTS 2017-2018/Escalade 2014-2018


Spark 2016-2018/Corvette 2017-2018/Camaro 2010-2018/Malibu 2017-2018/Volt 2016-2018/

Caprice/Cheyenne/Colorado/Cruze 2016-2018/Equinox/Express/Lumina/SS/Suburban/Tahoe/

Orlando 2013-2018/Lmpala 2014-2018/Traverse 2014-2017/Traverse 2018/Silverado 2014-2018

Volvo: S90 2017-/S90L 2017-/XC90 2016-2018/V90 2017-

Ford: Kuga 2017-2018

Hyundai: IONIQ Electric(AE EV) 2017-2018

Nissan: newly developed


Tablet Display Procedure

Optimize the UDS protocol flow control frame resolution processing.


APK Software

Optimized the flashback when entering diagnosis from IMMO in some cases