【X431 operation guide】The solution of DTC for 2011 Prado ABS system “C120a, ECU initialization is not completed”

Launch X431 operation guide】The solution of DTC for 2011 Prado ABS system “C120a, ECU initialization is not completed”

Vehicle module: Toyota Prado, 2011 models, VIN=JTEJU3FJXB50*****

Functional description:
This function is used after replacing one of the following components:
1.Calibration yaw rate sensor
3.yaw rate/G sensor

1.The vehicle is on a flat surface
2.Steering wheel is in the front position
3.Gear lever in parking position
4.Turn off the engine
5.Ignition switch is ON

The following shows an example of a C120A fault code after the replacement of the ABS pump assembly by 2011 Prado:

1.Select Toyota V48.53 or later;

2.Select 16PIN diagnostic contactor (Europe and other regions);
3.Select automatic search
4.Select LC PRADO, as picture 2

5.Select Before China 2012.06, as picture 3.

6.The X-431 automatically reads the vehicle information as shown in picture 4,
where VIN = JTEJU3FJXB50 *****

7.Select system selection, as picture 5:

8.Select chassis, as picture 6:

9.Select “ABS (Antilock Braking System) / VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) / TRC (Traction Control)” as shown in Figure 7.

10.Read the DTC, display “C120a, ECU initialization is not completed”, as shown in Figure 8;

11.Let the gear lever in P position, and then turn the knob to the middle position of H4
(high-speed four-wheel drive) and L4 (low-speed four-wheel drive) as shown in figure 9, and then execute the special function of X-431

“test mode.

12.Select special function, as picture 10

13.Select “Auto scan special features”, as picture 11.

14.Select “test mode”, as picture 12

15.Promting:This function is performed when the “ABS ECU” and “Yaw rate/G sensor” are replaced, as picture 13.

16.Tips for test mode operation: make sure that the vehicle is on a flat surface; the steering wheel is in the front position; the shift

lever is in the park position; the engine is not rotating; the ignition switch is in the ON position. As shown in Figure 14;

17.Prompting: the vehicle to stay still for two seconds or longer, as picture 15 shown.

18.Prompting: when the light of vehicle ABS & VSC is flashing, the calibration is completed; if the ABS & VSC lights are not flashing,

please try again”, as shown in Figure 16;

19.Read theDTC again, indicating no fault code, as shown in Figure 17. Start the engine, verify the vehicle, and the instrument will not

turn on the fault light, indicating troubleshooting.