How to fix the Launch X431 Pros Mini cannot diagnose the BMW vehicle problem

Customer Question: I bought Launch X431 Pros Mini from you and it was great until I started to use it on BMW it came upon every BMW I TRYED TO CONNECT – please see photo attached.

So on end, I manage to connect and read a car but every time i have to plug Bluetooth box into a car and update software- it doesn’t show available update but still have to update every time when i plug in to different BMW. Which takes a long time and it’s not really what it suppose to do. Please can you look in to and do something about it. Some Update maybe?

BMW is the cars which i work the most. So it’s really annoying for me.
If you are not sure what i mean i can make a video and show you?

The solution provided by Cnautotool technicians:

Please find the app menu, click me, find Connector activation click firmware update. If still have a problem, operate settings Restore factory, open Launch official website:
Log in with your username and password, in the download center download your device app, download the car model software.

The customer responded again after trying:

I managed to download software from the website and now it’s updating.
Done it and it’s working so far, Thank you for your quick response and your help.

The problem solved!