Enable W211 SBC Hold Stop with Star Xentry Diagnostic

If your Mercedes W211 SBC Hold mode does not work, and there is an error that SBC Hold is not available. This is possible due to the need to replace a small battery.

In case of a malfunction of a small battery, there will also be such an error.

But it is also possible that you need to activate SBC Hold through the program Star Xentry Diagnostic. I will show you how to do it through the program Xenty Diagnostic.

We connect the car to the Star .

To activate W211 SBC Hold & SBC Stop by Star

Launch Xentry program.


E-class / CLS.


Choose year (from 06/2005 to 05/2006).

Engine and steering.

211.076 E 55 AMG Kompressor.

Control units.


ZGW – central interface.

Coding control unit.

Read encoding:

Country option:

National version.

If you choose Japan or the united states, change to National version.

If there are no other errors, the SBC Hold and SBC Stop is activated.