1999 – 2014 Fiat Ducato Key Programming with SVCI 2018


Does FVDI 2018 precode and code keys to 2010 Fiat Ducato?

SVCI chief engineer replied:

yes. SVCI 2018 (FVDI 2018) support key programming on Fiat Ducato before 2014 year.

Ducato / Jumper / Boxer 2006 key by OBD with SVCI 2018:

Read BCM by OBD & save dump data.
Click on “Special functions”.

Click on ” Read / Update ConfData”

Choose ” BCM Mareli (NEC 70F3237)

Reading identification…

Reading ConfData, please wait…

Operation complete successfully.

Click on “Save to File”.

Click on “Close”.

Click on “Transponder Maker”.

Choose ” Fiat Ducato 2006 with immo BCM Mareli (95C160 /95C320)”, then “Load dump”.

Have Pincode 64778.

Choose “Key 3 (not used)”, then click on “Program key”.

Programming completed successfully.

Click on “Close”.

Learn precoded transponder by OBD & start the car.

Click on “Key Learning”, then select: Fiat Ducato.

Click on “Connect”, then input pincode: 64778, then “Program Key”.


SVCI 2018 is perfect for programming Fiat Ducato before 2014 year.