VW Passat 2013 Air Cond Compressor first run by Launch X431

Any of these Launch X431 diagnostic scanners has VW Passat 2013 Guided Function: X431 Pro, X431 Pro3, Launch X431 PAD VII, X431 PAD V.

Here is the operation procedure of X431 PAD V VW Passat 2013 Guided Function Air Cond Compressor first run:

Select VW, and connect the VCI in Wifi mode…

Select “System and Function” and then “Guided Functions”.

Select your car model and year ( Passat 2013 Sedan)

Select 08 Climate Control Module.

Set Model manually.

Select A/C Compressor First Run (Repair Group 87).

Follow the below steps to operate.

Next is follow the instruction to continue.

Select “A/C compressor First Run is then activated”.

Select “Have you performed basic setting for the flaps”.

And then follow the on-screen guide to perform.

A/C Compressor First run ended.

No event is listed in the event memory of the A /C Control module J301.

Finally, the test program of the A/C Compressor first run was performed successfully.

End of test.