Original DSP3+ Odometer Correction Tools Comparison

Why mileage needs to be adjusted or changed ?

There is a few reasons why you need to set a new odometer reading: Wrong tires size have been used; The odometer stopped registering the mileage after battery was discharged and the vehicle had been jump started or general electronic failure; New engine had been fitted; Custom instrument cluster to be assigned/installed on the vehicle.

We’d like to say that original DSP3+ is the best odometer correction tools on the market recently , and we have some different types for the machine with comparison as bellowing :

USA PROG Standard USA PROG Full DSP3+ Full VAG PROG Full
Touch screen display
HEX Editor
Speed / Display 600 Mhz / 800 x 480 600 Mhz / 800 x 480 600 Mhz / 800 x 480 600 Mhz / 800 x 480
Adapters OBD2, CMM OBD2, CMM, EEE, Motorola, Muliplex OBD2, CMM, EEE, Motorola, Muliplex, 35080-D80-160, HCS12, EWS, Denso OBD2, EEE, Multiplex
Password protected Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stand alone programmer
Update Online Online Online Online
Coverage USA cars – OBD2 SA/Asian cars – OBD2/On bench German/USA/Asian cars – OBD2/On bench VAG Group – OBD2/On bench


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