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How to Use Autel IM508 Work for Toyota Camry 2016 to do All Keys Lost Programming

Want to know how to do key programming for Toyota Camry 2016 all keys lost with Autel IM508 ?

Today lets check the steps as bellow:

Connect Autel IM508 to Toyota Camry OBD port,and connect Autel APB 112 to IM508

Enter “IMMO” menu>Toyota>Manual Selection>Other

Then select “Camry”–>Smart key>Keyless System(CAN)

Now select “Back UP Immobilizer Data”

This function is use to back up the EEPROM data of the smart box of the vehicle.The data can be used to generate the simulator key for emergency start of the vehicle to perform the key matching function.

Click “OK” to continue

Reading immobilizer data (make sure im508 connect to network)

After then save the EEPROM backup data file

Now press “OK” button to back,and select “Generate Simulator Key”

Select the EEPROM data.


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Steps How to Register and Activate Autel MaxiIM IM608 IM508

Autel MaxiIM IM608 and Autel MaxiIM IM508 hot selling now , how to register and activate the software for these machine ? team will show you the steps as bellow :

Step 1: Sign up with Email

Enter email address to create account

Send a verification E-mail to your address

Retrieve the verification code from your e-mail

Enter email, password and verification code to sign up

Step 2: Register MaxiIM

Now register your device with serial number
Press Register button

Enter serial number and Register

MaxiIM is successfully registered

Step 3: Run Update

In MaxiIM menu, select Update function

Check available software update and download software

It will auto install and update MaxiIM APP
Launch MaxiIM home menu

Open MaxiIM App

MaxiIM is initializing data

Go to Update func...

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How To Register Autel MaxiDiag MD808/MD808 Pro?

As we all know , all autel scanners need to register first , then you could download software, update online, retrieve information and get warranty service . We have customers who dont know how to register autel MaxiDiag MD808 ( or MD808 Pro ) , please check all details as bellow :

Notice : Before registration , please confirm your network is working properly .

Registration Steps :

1. Visit the website

2. If you already have an Autel account, Sign In with your account ID and password.

3. If you are a new member to Autel, click on the Create Autel ID button on the left side to create an ID.

4. Enter the required information in the input fields, and click the Get Verification Code button to get a verification code for email validation.


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How to Change the language for Autel maxisys MS906/MS906BT/MS906TS/MS90P/elite Diagnostic Tools

Usually our Autel Maxisys Scanners in Spanish language in default , if you want change it to English , please pay attention :  

1. It need you change the diagnostic system (Autel maxisys MS906/MS906BT/MS906TS/MS90P/elite) change to English from Spanish language first .

2. At the same time , you need change the Andriod operation system language from Spanish to English

So how to change the language ? Lets check the steps as bellow :

1. Change the diagnostic system language

Change the language from Spanish to English.

Step 1: Turn on the machine to the diagnostic system

Step 2: Click at “Settings” like the picture

Step 3: Click at “ Language”

Step 4: Select “ English”

Then you can see that the language is in English now.

2. Change the Andriod operation system langu...

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Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Autel Maxisys Elite

Autel MaxiSys Elite , the newest addition to the MaxiSys line of highly advanced smart diagnostic tools, is based on the fast and intuitive Android operating system. It designed by an industry-leading brand, it features to be a fully functional OBD2 vehicle scanner. Its a new resolution in Diagnoses. Other than that, it comes with an enhanced wireless connectivity feature.

This Autel Maxisys Elite offers an extensive range of features and functionalities so that you can easily and quickly fix all car-related problems.

For example, it lets you perform advanced ECU coding. Furthermore, it allows you to smoothly perform all of the workshop operations.

Starting from keeping vehicle records and data files to storing customer information, the device will help you organize all the details.

In a...

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Why Choose Autel Autolink AL629 ABS SRS OBDII CAN Scan Tool ?

There have many types products from Autel factory , today , we’d like to introduce some details for Autel Autolink AL629 professional OBD2 scan tool .

  1. It is an effective diagnostic scanner that can perform both basic and a number of advanced functions.
  2. It is also compatible with all OBDII and CAN protocol for domestic and foreign models. This scanner is designed for DIY and car enthusiasts who are looking to repair their vehicles.
  3. The most comforting thing is that Autel Autolink AL629 can retrieve specific DTC for each fault.
  4. It is one of the reputable scanners that can effectively reset SRS lights. It will allow you to perform basic as well as special diagnostic functions.
  5. The scanner will define the retrieved code for better interpretation and analysis...
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Whats the difference for Autel Maxisys Scanners

Autel MaxiSys scanners offers diagnostics for Asian, Domestics, European. All but the ms906 are compatible with the Autel digital inspection camera and Autel lab scope. All our Autel car scanners we offer 2 years free update online

The main difference is Autel Maxisys ms908s pro and Autel Maxisys Elite support  programming function, others without this function

Autel maxisys MS908 pro itself has already supported ECU online programming function for BENZ and BMW cars , if you need to get support for more car models, You should have online account for each brands .

MaxiSys ms906 : timeStamp 0:41.

- Tethered (not wireless)

MaxiSys MS906BT : not included in video.

- Wireless version of the ms906.

MaxiSys MS905 : timeStamp 1:20


MaxiSys MS906ts : timeStamp 1:54

- TPMS func...

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How to do Autel J2534 Pass thru CIP Programming for All Vehicles

CIP (Coding Individualization and Programming), using Autel Maxisys J2534 pass thru FOR EVERY YEAR, MAKE AND MODEL — can be done!

Some customers want to do online programming with the MaxiSys Elite and MaxiSys Pro for more vehicles , if you have the J2534 ECU Programming Device you can program or do the ECU update. ( NOT THROUGH AUTEL ON ALL CARS ECU) you  have to contact the manufacturer site of that vehicle that you plan to do the Flashing.

So what you need before you do the flashing ?

1.AUTEL J2534 ECU Programming Device

2.AUTEL J2534 ECU Programming Device Cable to connect to a Laptop to the J2534 ECU Programming Device Via the USB port

3.One “WINDOWS” laptop. because none of the automotive manufacturers makes software for Apple Computer ( P...

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How to Do when Autel Maxisys Elite get Error Message ?

Autel Maxisys Elite diagnostic tool certainly surpasses much beyond the general expectations with any vehicle engine scanner tool. The tool is designed for 3 purposes – Multi Tasking, Speed and Simplicity that is the prime need, especially, for any busy automobile repairing workshop.

There have customers have the issues no communication message .

A. If the MaxiSys Display Tablet is not connected to the VCI device, an “Error”message displays. An “Error” message indicates the display tablet is not communicating with the VCI device, and so cannot gain access to the vehicle control module. In this case, you need to do the following check-ups:

1. Check if the VCI device is powered on.


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Why we buy Autel Maxisys CV Heavy Duty Diagnostic Scan Tool

The complete MaxiSYS CV tool kit comes with the latest compact size J2534 MazxiFlash Elite . Features a built-in bluetooth VCI and performs pass-thru programming functions . The software support update online free one year and SAE J2534-2 compatible

Autel Maxisys CV is good heavy duty truck diagnostic tool which supported the special functions as bellow :

DOC/DPF Replacement Reset

Fuel Pressure Adaptation Reset

Injector CEOM Reset

O2 Sensor Calibration

Injection Quantity Adjustment

DPF Regeneration

DSI System De-Aeration

MAF Sensor Calibration

Parameter Setting

Aftertreatment Maintenance

Aftertreatment Maintenance Filter Installation

Aftertreatment Particulate Matter Sensor Regeneration

Aftertreatment SCR Catalyst Cold Soak Override

Aftertreatment SCR System Health Monitor

Boost Ca...

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