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Jaltest link Truck Multibrand Diagnostics Diesel Diagnosis Interface Jaltest Heavy and Medium Truck Diagnostic Tool

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Technical Support



Jaltest link Truck Multibrand Diagnostics Diesel Diagnosis Interface Jaltest Heavy and Medium Truck Diagnostic Tool

1.PRODUCT DETAILS (basic cable sets)

optional cable sets:(doesn’t in kit)

Get Jaltest  Link Coder Reader for Four Reasons:
1. It is not only has a common diagnostic functions, as well as calibration, reset and parameterize advanced features.
2. It can be useful to test the pressure of common rail maintenance parameters
3. It is a good detector, he had read fault codes, sensor data measurement, calibration features ECU,and test units as 
   ZME,IMV,EFC/M-PROB,PVC valve, fuel measurement solenoid valves .
4.Language:English ,Spanish

Jaltest Link Coder Reader Features:
1. JALsoftware has system electronic scheme, technical date, maintenance date, technical release,JALtest, 
2. There are a lot of maintenance information and circuit diagrams, electrical schematics, maintenance help, and a very simple and convenient diagnostic tool.
3. It is not only an advanced feature of the Scanner can diagnostic trucks,  buses, construction vehicles,  light commercial vehicles, trailer, special vehicle, agricultural machinery and more manufacturers etc. to test a good diesel, diesel pump and natural gas engines, single pump, high pressure common rail pump, and injector.

2.Multibrand Diagnostic Software Common vehicle models


HEAVY-DUTY:Actros, Atego, Axor, Econic, LK, MK,SK, U20, U300, U3000, U400, U4000, U500, U5000, U20, Vario, Zetros,1939S/1944Eletronico,BR300,BR400,INTEGRO EURO5,LO712,LO812,LO915,O 345 CONECTO,O 345 TOURISMO,O404,O 520 CITO,O530 550INTEGRO,O 560,O 580 TRAVEGO,O550R/M/MA/U/UA,OC 500LE,OC 500RF, OF/OH/LO,OF1015-41,OF1119-41,OF1218,OF1319-44,OH1215/OH1518/OH1622-26,TOURISMO,K16,S400,TA5127,

LIGHT-COMMERCIAL-VEHICLE: Vito,108,CDI,Vito,109CDI,Vito,110,111,112,115,Sprinter,208,209,210,211,212,213,215,216,218,308,309,310,311,312,CDI,Sprinter,316,408,410,412,413,415,416,418,509,511,515,518,Vario,613,616,618,813,816,818,

2.MAN Trucks BUS

HEAVY-DUTY : F2000, F90, G90, L2000, LE, M2000, ME, TGA, TGL, TGM, TGS >2007,TGX>2007,City & Intercity E,S,EL 223/283,EM220,EM222,EM283,ND222,NG262,NG/SG263LION’S CALSSIC G,NL223,NL243,NL263,NL283,NL313,NL363LION’S CLASSIC,NM223,NM283,NU263,NU283,NU313,NU363,Coach(RH),R313,R363,RH352,RH402,RH403,RH463,RHC414,RHC464,RHS414,RHS464,Intercity(N),SD202,SG263,SG292,SG313,SL223,SU313,SU363,UL353,UL363 LION’S COMFORT


HEAVY-DUTY: 65CF, 75CF, 85CF, 95XF, CF65, CF65 IV, CF75, CF75 IV, CF85, CF85 IV, F45, F55, F65, F75, F85, F95, LF45, LF45 IV, LF55, LF55 IV, XF105, XF95


HEAVY-DUTY: F10, F12, FE 2006-, FH 2005-, FH12 1993-1997, FH 12 E98 1998-2001, FH 12 V2 2002-2005, FH 16 1993-1997, FH16 E98 1998-2001, FH 16 V2 2002-2005, FM7 1998-2001, FM9 V2 2002-2005, NH 12,


HEAVY-DUTY:Euro star LD,Euro star LD Cursor,Eurocargo 2008,Eurocargo Cavallino,Eurocargo ML CNG engine,Tector 2006,Eurofire ML CNG engine,Eurofire ML Tector 2006 Euro5,Euromover Euro 2/3,Eurotech MH RSU Cursor,Eurotech MT/MH/MP,Powerstar,Stralis AD CNG Euro5,Stralis AS 2007 2008,Strais AT-AD Euro5,Strais AT-N2007,Trakker Euro4/5/EEV,CITYCLASS,DAILY BUS,DOMINO 2001,EUROCLASS,EUROPOLIS,EURORIDER,MINIBUS,MY WAY,POLLICINO,

LIGHT-COMMERCIAL VEHICLE: CITY TRUCK 2000,CITY Truck HPI-HPT Euro 2/3/4/5,Daily 2006,New Daily 2006 CNG,TurboDaily


HEAVY-DUTY:114,94,94OMNICITY,BN 113,K113,K124,K230IB,K270IB,K310IB,K340EB,K380IB,K420EB,K420IB,K470EB,L113,N113,N230UB,N270UB,N310UB,113,114,124,143,144,164,93,94,G230,G270,G280,G310,G320,G340,G360,G380,G400,G420,G440,G470,G480,P230,P270,P280,P310,P320,P340,P360,P380,P400,P420,R230,R270,R310,R340,R360,R380,R400,R420,R440,R470,R480,R500,R560,R580,R620,




LIGHT-COMMERCIAL VEHICLE:Mascott DXi Phase III,Mascott dCi,Mascott dCi 1.9,Mascott dCi 2.2,Mascott dCi 2.5/2.8/3.0,Maxity,Trafic 1.9DCI,Trafic 2.0DCI/2.5DCI,


HEAVY-DUTY:Class4,145,165,Class 5,185,Class 6,238,258,268,class 7,338,


Grace 2.5 intercooler,H-1 2.5CRDi cargo/Travel,Starex 2.5 CRDi/Diesel/TCI/Turbodiesel 4WD.



LIGHT-COMMERCIAL VEHICLE: D-MAX 3.0 Diesel turbo,D-MAX cab 3.0 Diesel turbo pick-up,N-series 3.0D,


Canter 5.2 Diesel,Delica Cargo 2.0/2.5diesel,Delica Van 2,L200 2.5HPE,Triton 2.5/3.2 diesel 4WD,


Coaster 4.1 diesel turbo,Corolla Van 2.2 diesel,Dyna 2.5/3.0/3.7/4.0/4.6/4.9 diesel,Hiace 2.5 D-4D,Hiace 3.0,Hiace Commuter 2.5 diesel,Hiace Van 2.5/3.0 diesel,Land Cruiser 4.5,Liteace Truck 2.2,Liteace Van,Quantum 2.5 D-4D,Townace Truck/Van 2.2,



LIGHT-COMMERCIAL VEHICLE: Cabstar 2.5,Cabstar 3.0,Cabstar E 2.3/2.7/3.0,Caravan,Interstar 1.9/2.2/2.5/3.0 diesel,Primastar 1.9/2.0/2.5 dCi,Vanette truck/Van


Jumper diesel,Jumper diesel(23),Jumper diesel(U5),Jumper diesel(U9)


  Ducato,Ducato 10 94,Ducato 11 08,Ducato 14 90,Ducato 15 08,Ducato 17 06,Ducato 18 94,Ducato 4*4 02,Ducato Cargo 2.5D,Ducato Combinato 2.8 JTD,Ducato Maxi17/20,Ducato Maxi Cargo 2.8 JTD,Ducato Minibus 2.8,Ducato Multi T.A.2.8 JTD,


   F-150,F-250,F-350-F-450,F-550,F-650,F-750,E-350 Econoline,E-350 Super Duty,F-250,F-350,F-250 Super Duty,F-350 Super Duty,F-450 Super Duty,F-550 Super Duty,Transit connect,Transit Euroline,Transit Nugget,Transit Tourneo,Transit FT,


LIGHT-COMMERCIAL VEHICLE: Sprinter 2500,Sprinter 3500,

HEAVY-DUTY: Cargo series,Argosy,Business Class M2,Cargo FC 80,Cascadia 2008,Century C 112 120,Century Class S/T,Classic -120,Classic XL 132,Columbia 112,Condor,Coronado,FL Series,FLD Series,M2 Series


Kodiak C-Series,C4500,C5500,C6500,C8500,C8500 Tandem,T-series,F6,F7,T6500,T7500,T8500,W-series,W3500,W4500,W5500,


2000 Series,2554,2574,2654,2674,4100,4200,4300,4400,4800,4900,5000,5070,5500,5600,5900 SBA,5900 SFA,7300,7400,7500,7600,7700,8100,8500,8600,9000 Series,9100,9200,9400,9900,9900ix,City star Series,Dura Star4000,Lone Star,Paystar,Prostar,CF500,CF600,CTX,CXT,MXT,Tran star 8000,Work star 7000,RXT,TXR Hauler,




  CH/CHN Series,CL612,CL613,CL712,CL713,CL733,CS200,CS250,CS300,DM690,DMM6906,Granite,Granite Axle Back,Granite Bridge Formula,LE Series,MR 690,MS200,MS250,MS300,MV322,Pinnacle Daycab Axle Forward,RB-690,RD-888,Terrapro cabover,Terrapro Low Entry,Titan TD713,Vision CX,Vision CXN,Refuse series,


Aerodynamic Models,Hybrid Models,Medium duty,Traditional,Vocational,210,220,320,330,335,340,357,365,367,378,379,384,385,386,387,388,389,587,


  Acterra,Condor,SC8000,SCT8000,Set-back A-series,Set-back L-series,Set-Forward L-series,Silverstar series ST9500,Sterling 360,


 4842,4864,4900,4942,5842,5864,5900,5942,5964,6900,6964,LOW MAX,



26.Others Vehicle

27.Vehicle ABS、EBS、transmission、suspension 、Electronic module.(some Vehicle Need optional cable,or DIY a cable yourself )

ABS trailer,ABS trailer ,EBStrailer,Electronic module,suspension,EPV,Haldex ABS,Haldex EB,Haldex Modular/PLC,Knorr A18,Knorr KB3-TA,Knorr TEBS Gen,Knorr TEBS4 via K,MGX,Trailer ELM,Wabco EBS,Wabco ECAS,Wabco VCS,Wabco VCSii,Wabco Vario C,EATON Transmission TECU Shift Gen,Bendix ABS 2X,Bendix U1X,Bendix EC-17,Bendix EC-30,Bendix EC-60,Bendix TABS6,ZF Meritor Transmission Freedomline,ZF Meritor SureShift,ZF Meritor Gearbox with electronic control,

(some Vehicle Need optional cable,or DIY a cable yourself )

DB37 pin out:


Protocol  DB37 PIN           protocol   DB37 PIN

Power:        1PIN(DC)                    J1850 PWM+     2PIN(I)

Ground:      19PIN(DC)                    J1850 PWM-    21PIN(J)

K Diag line:   15PIN(C)                     J1850 VPW     22PIN(K)

L Diag line:   16PIN(D)

CAN high     17PIN(E)

CAN low      18PIN(F)

SAE J1708 A  34PIN(G)

SAE J1708 B  35PIN(H)

3.Detailed list of vehicle follows PDF and advanced features**

 AS show:


JALtest not only has a common diagnostic functions, as well as calibration、reset and parameterize advanced features.JALsoftware has system electronic scheme,technical date,maintenance date,technical release,JALtest, It is not only an advanced feature of the Scanner can diagnostic trucks、 buses、 construction vehicles、 light commercial vehicles、trailer、special vehicle、agricultural machinery and more manufacturers etc., or to test a good diesel、diesel pump and natural gas engines, single pump, high pressure common rail pump, and can be useful to test the pressure of common rail maintenance parameters,and test units as ZME,IMV,EFC/M-PROB,PVC valve,fuel measurement solenoid valves .

as show:



User Comment(Total 7 Customer Reviews)

  • by William Delcid,Sep 26,2020

    6F7392068P870023N this is the transaction for my order , i want to know my order status

    Reply #1 by Cara Sep 26,2020
    Thanks for your order , but could you please tell us your order number ? Then we can check the status for you , thank you


  • by Don Brock,Jul 12,2020

    Can I buy the interface box only ?

    Reply #1 by Cara Jul 12,2020
    Sorry , we only selling full set , thank you


  • by Adrian Lockridge,Jun 21,2020

    Does the Jaltest expire ?

    Reply #1 by Cara Jun 21,2020
    Hello , there have no limitation for expire with this machine , thank you


  • by Philip Kopp,Feb 19,2020

    On Jaltest I have a question please, what version/year is the software?

    Reply #1 by Cara Feb 19,2020
    The software can support the year to 2012 , thank you


  • by Jarrot ,Mar 18,2018

    do this can work for 2011 trucks ?

    Reply #1 by Cara Mar 18,2018
    Yes , this can support the part of 2011 trucks , thank you


  • by kenneth Dineka,Mar 17,2018

    which language can this tool support ?

    Reply #1 by Cara Mar 17,2018
    This tool only support English and Spanish language ,thank you


  • by ,Mar 15,2018

    how to update this tool

    Reply #1 by Cara Mar 15,2018
    This update by CD , thank you


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