A customer’s experience with Witech system installation

I thought i would add a small snippet of info regarding my experience with the Witech system setup. Package showed up, and it had the interface dongle, usb cable, and software disk. I made a backup of the disk and… Continue Reading

DRB III Relearn TPMS on a 2007 Chrysler Crossfire

Performing a Train (Relearn) sequence on the 2007 Chrysler Crossfire using the DRB 3 Enhanced Emulator and wiTECH MicroPod 2. Firstly, have everything you will need: 1) Good computer knowledge 2) A laptop with a clean Windows XP or Windows… Continue Reading

2010 Toyota Reiz Electronic Power Steering System Learning by X-431 PRO

This car has changed the steering wheel. Torque sensor learning is successfully done by the X-431 PRO. Operation Procedure: 1.Switch on the ignition. 2.Select the Toyota Version above V48.31. 3.Select 16PIN Diagnostic Socket. 4. Select “09/2010-03/2012” 5.Select“w/AFS OFF Switch” 6.Select… Continue Reading

Launch X431 PRO 3 Throttle Adaptation on 2014 Mercedes W212

LAUNCH X431 V+ 4.0 (upgrade version of LAUNCH X431 V / PRO), as the latest high-end handheld vehicle fault diagnostic tool developed by LAUNCH. Not only featuring Full System diagnostic, 20 Reset Service, but also supports ECU Coding,Key Programming, Active… Continue Reading

Porsche Tester III License Expired Error Solution

Here share how to solve Porsche Tester III license expired problem. Customer Problem: Porsche PIWIS III showed “License Expired! Available times 2. Please update VCI!” Solution: For your problem, what you need to do is to consult CnAutotool engineer, and… Continue Reading

Launch X431 PAD V (Throttle Pro Scan Tool) W212 SCN coding Headlamp Procedure

Step-by-step procedure on how to use Launch X431 PAD V for Mercedes Benz E250 (W212) Headlamp SCN Coding. Because headlamp highbeam not working after replacing the control module. Plug X431 PAD V into the OBD2 port of Benz E250. Turn… Continue Reading