How to Find System Log Data from Lonsdor K518

If you find missing vehicle model or year in Lonsdor K518ISE, for example, I was told that the k518 will do 2015 Ford Fusion AKL, but I can only find Fusion till year 2009. In this case, you can get… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518ise Update Failure – Possible Solutions

Here are tips and guides to help solve the problem that Lonsdor K518ISE displayed error after software update. Error message when K518 update is unsuccessful: Error 1: Hardware initialization failed, error code 030000 Error 2: Device fault9fff Error 3: When… Continue Reading

How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Device Fault20 Error

Error: It prompts “Device fault20” on Lonsdor K518 programmer Solution: Step 1: Hold those two buttons marked in red at the same time Then you will enter the Update interface as below Step 2: Press “Uninstall APK” once, and you… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518 Ford Update News

Lonsdor K518 FORD Update on July 9th, 2020 Ranger/2016-2020/Key&Smart key Expedition/2018-2019/Key& Smart key Explorer/2016-2019/Key&Smart key F-150/2018-2020/Key&Smart key F-250/2017-2019/Key&Smart key F-350/2017-2019/Key&Smart key F-550/2017-2019/Key&Smart key Edge/Smart key/2015-2019 Escape/Key programming/2014-2019 Taurus/Smart key/2010-2019 Everest/Smart key/2017-

How to Unlock Toyota 8A Smart Key with Lonsdor K518ISE

Lonsdor K518ISE released Toyota 8A smart key unlock function in April 16, 2020. Supports Toyota 8A (39,88,A8, A8,AA,F3) smart key types unlock currently. The new Toyota smart keys from 2014 and up H chip. Make sure the key battery is… Continue Reading

Program/Add New Keys for PROTON Gen 2 Manually by Lonsdor K518ISE

This article show a tutorial on how to reprogram a PROTON GEN 2 key.Got this form rang main dealer,hope it can help you. Procedures: 1Switch the ignition on and press and hold alarm reset switch usually on the centre console… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518ISE program BMW FEM/BDC key

Lonsdor K518ISE has released BMW FEM/BDC key programming function, here is a post to help you program a key for BMW FEM/BDC modules easily. It need three steps, read key info,re-process FEM/BD system and Generate dealer key. Read the operation instructions… Continue Reading

The Solution to abnormal display after updating Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer

The Solution to abnormal display after updating Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer. Problem: Click “Immobilizer” button after updating the device, it skips to below interface: Step 1: After rebooting the device, please press and hold the setting and return buttons(in below… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518ise can’t be connected vehicle solution

This post if for those uses with Lonsdor K518ISE failed to connect the machine to any car listed in K518ISE vehicle list. It is possible the OBD cable, or little chance due to the device.For more information,please please visit our website… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518ise Newest Update Toyota Hyundai Honda and Nissan

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Update Toyota Hyundai, Honda and Nissan Series. Toyota Series: 8A Smart key 2007 Crown key Alphard Add smart key 2006 Reiz Crown 68 chip all lost Hyundai series: 2013/2015 Verna Remote 2009 Rohens Add smart key 2014… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518ISE Added Mitsubishi American & Australian vehicles

Recently , factory have updated the software for Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer ,  it added Mitsubishi American & Australian vehicles  on March.27th, 2018 , for details of model listing , please check as bellow : 1. Added Mitsubishi American vehicles: Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Diamate\2000-2006 Mitsubishi\Select… Continue Reading