How to Solve SVCI J2534 IDS V119 Update Error

I use SVCI J2534 with IDS V119 to do programming, a message pops up and prompts me to update the software “Selection not available, module programming and configuration timed out due to out of the date IDS scan tool software.… Continue Reading

How to Use AVDI Do All Key Lost Programming for IVECO Daily 2018

This instruction show you guide on how to use AVDI Abrites diagnostic to perform all key lost programming for IVECO 2018. Preparations: AVDI Abrites Programmer A new blank key with PCF7936 transponder ProTag programmer Procedures: Connect AVDI programmer to IVECO… Continue Reading

Renault Trafic III All Key Lost Programming by AVDI Abrites Diagnostics

This post show you guide on how to use AVDI ABRITES diagnostics programmer to perform all keys lost programming for Renault Trafic III. Preparations: AVDI Abrites Programmer ProTag programmer A blank TA23 Key Procedures: Connect AVDI Programmer to Renault Trafic… Continue Reading

Compare the difference between FVDI, VVDI,SVDI ABRITES Commander

FVDI,VVDI,SVDI all share the same function,like mileage correction,key programming,code scanning,diagnosing etc,but FVDI contains many softwares for your choice such as VW,BMW,Benz,Porsche,Opel,Renault, Ford,Toyota,Volvo,Chrysler,Mitsubishi and work for many car modules which VVDI doesn’t,VVDI has only VW software at present and work for… Continue Reading