How to export the data from Yanhua ACDP with IOS

Yanhua Mini ACDP running with IOS System data export / sharing operation guide. If you bind Mini ACDP software to an Apple mobile phone, where is the data located that is read out? This article will show you how to… Continue Reading


This is a question recently raised by a customer of The answer is yes. What you need is Yanhua Mini ACDP programming master basic version+ ACDP BMW ISN Module 3+ DME N55 integrated interface board. The BMW ISN of… Continue Reading

Mini ACDP BMW Read MSV90 Version Info Error Solution

I want to read my dme msv90 ISN by mini acdp. I have got the MSV90 ISN reading authorization, then connect OBP+ ICP adapter with msv90 by a wiring harness, and connect to acdp basic master, then read isn using… Continue Reading

Yanhua Mini ACDP Program Key for Jaguar LandRover Locked KVM

Yanhua Mini ACDP programming master with KVM module 9 can support adding key and all keys lost for new Jaguar and Land Rover 2014-2018 no need soldering. Here share the related guide with ACDP users. Preparation: ACDP host OBP+ICP adapter… Continue Reading

What is CGDI BMW Programmer?

What is CGDI BMW Programmer? CGDI BMW Programmer is special programmer for BMW key programming +BMW Diagnosis+IMMO Security 3 in 1.CGDI BMW Programmer support CAS4/CAS4+ All Key and newly add BMW FEM/EDC function. CGDI Prog BMW Features: 1.Multi-Function support Auto… Continue Reading

How to Reset BMW F series 6HP EGS with CGDI BMW without Soldering

CGDI Prog BMW is able to erase and reset BMW EGS (F Series-6HP and F series 8HP). With a CGDI EGS/FCU harness platform adapter, it is easy to reset EGS without soldering. Take F-series 6hp gearbox for example: Connect CGDI… Continue Reading

How to Reset Mileage for BMW CAS4 and FEM by Yanhua ACDP

How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP Reset Mileage for BMW CAS4 and FEM.You should use CAS module, FEM/BDC module and 35XX module work with Mini ACDP. ACDP BMW CAS Module (module 1) Main Features: 1.Support CAS1-CAS3+ IMMO key programming and mileage… Continue Reading

Porsche BCM Data Read & Write by Yanhua ACDP and Traditional Way

This is a comparison article about Yanhua Mini ACDP and other devices to read and write Porsche BCM data. Method 1: The other devices to read & write Porsche BCM data by traditional way-soldering In this method, it needs to desolder… Continue Reading

How to open Authorizations for Yanhua ACDP by yourself

Yanhua ACDP now has changed the way of opening module authorizations. Customers can add the authorizations by yourself, very easy to operate. Here is the steps: 1.Bond the Yanhua ACDP with mobile phone. After the ACDP bonded, it shows the device… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518ISE Added Mitsubishi American & Australian vehicles

Recently , factory have updated the software for Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer ,  it added Mitsubishi American & Australian vehicles  on March.27th, 2018 , for details of model listing , please check as bellow : 1. Added Mitsubishi American vehicles: Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Diamate\2000-2006 Mitsubishi\Select… Continue Reading