Toyota Vios 2019 93C46 Mileage Correction by Yanhua Digimaster 3

Yanhua Digimaster3 is a very good mileage programmer for Japanese cars, especially Toyota, some supports till year 2020/2021. All EEPROM job. Here is an example on correcting odometer on a Toyota Vios MB91F061BS instrument dashboard eeprom 93c46. Go to Toyota… Continue Reading

The Most Cost-effective Mileage Correction Tool

How to choose Mileage Correction Tool ? There have too many Odometer Correction Tool with different price on the market. Some universal tools support most cars which support strong functions , and some only work one special car , and… Continue Reading

How to use XTOOL X100 Pad3 to correct or adjust the mileage of Ford cars

This tech article will share the practical experience of using Xtool X100 Pad3 to correct or adjust the mileage of Ford cars. The frequently-asked questions (FAQs) of the users who bought the products from the CnAutotool will be listed as… Continue Reading

How to solve obdstar X300M “Load Data Error”

Ordered OBDSTAR X300M and when I plug it to one 2012 Ford Escape and one 2009 Dodge Caravan, I got “Load Data Error” message (shown as below). After giving the serial number to obdstar, I got the solution. The X300M… Continue Reading

Digimaster 3 Renault Megane 2 Phase 2 Mileage Programming

Confirmed: Yanhua Digimaster 3 can program mileage for Renault Megane 2 Phase 2 old and newer models. Guide: Open Digimaster 3 -> Select “Meter system” -> Europe -> Renault -> Megane -> NEC (After dismantling the dashboard, you can check… Continue Reading

OBDSTAR X300M do Hyundai Mistra Odometer Correction Success

OBDSTAR X300M is ideal kilometer adjustment tool for Hyundai Mistra 2017, because it complete new kilometer adjustment via OBD without dismantling the cluster. As you can see on the Hyundai Mistra 2017 dashboard, the old value is 20685KM. I will… Continue Reading

OBDSTAR x300 dp plus / Odomaster Ford mileage correction List

Q: Will ODO MASTER calibration odometer for 2019 Ford Fiesta? A: Yes, sure, both OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS and Odo Master work on 2019 Ford Fiesta to do mileage correction. Before using OBDSTAR Odomaster (Same as OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus) to… Continue Reading

Mercedes W176 2014 Mileage Adjustment With Digimaster III

Confirmed: Original Yanhua Digimaster III is able to correct mileage for Mercedes W176 2014, It should be noted that after adjusting the mileage with D3, you need to fit a Yanhua MB CAN Filter. 1st. Use YH Digimaster 3 to… Continue Reading