How to do odometer programming for KAI RIO 2021 NEC70F3524

This instruction show you guide on how to do odometer programming for KAI RIO 2021 NEC70F3524. Preparations: Newest iProg Pro Plus iProg+ v87 v84 v82 Free Download Procedures: Connect iprog programmer to KIA RIO 2021 by obd Then run iprog… Continue Reading

How to Fix Kess V2 V5.017 Wake up error ?

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Ford Transit P246C Error Solved by DPF

Ford Transit equipped with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) system,and it will occur error and show P246C trouble code.If you follow service manual to replace DPF,it will cose you much money,and other way to fix this error–Turn OFF/disable DPF. This instructions… Continue Reading

PCMTUNER Server Not Connect with WIN7 Solution

PCMtuner ECU Programmer is a customized read-write device specially used for vehicle engine control system(ECU) and transmission control system(TCU).It can support OBD( bus reading and writing)BENCH(read and write without opening ECU or TCU box).BOOT(read and write with open mode). How… Continue Reading

How to Remove the DPF with KESS V2 ?

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MUT-III diagnostic software Do ECU variant coding writing for Mitsubishi cars

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Does CG FC200 support checksum

Does CG FC200 support checksums? Many customers often ask themselves this question before purchasing a device. In fact, FC200 has its own data validation that is automatically calculated by the software. The checksum can only be used in the PFlashdata… Continue Reading