How to Find System Log Data from Lonsdor K518

If you find missing vehicle model or year in Lonsdor K518ISE, for example, I was told that the k518 will do 2015 Ford Fusion AKL, but I can only find Fusion till year 2009. In this case, you can get… Continue Reading

Newest iProg Pro Plus iProg+ v87 Free Download

What is iProg? iProg Pro software is a programmer software work with iProg Pro programmer.It is can work on cars,motors,trucks with key programming,mileage adjustment,MCU programming,read/write EEPROM and reset airbag. iProg Pro Function List: KEY PROGRAMMING FOR TRUCK , MOTO ,… Continue Reading

How to Use Xtool X100 PAD3

How to Use Xtool X100 PAD3 X100 PAD III , about Activation,Connetion,Precautions before Use,Remote X100PAD3 Activation 1. Please activate X100PAD3 before you use it to test vehicles. And please connect WiFi first. 2. Input Company name and mailbox, the diagnostic… Continue Reading

How to Programming 2016 Ford F150 Key with OBDSTAR X300DP Plus ?

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XTool A80 Pro add a key for BMW CAS4 mask 5M48H/1N35H Successfully

This article is going to show you how to add a key for BMW CAS4 mask 5M48H/1N35H via OBD. Tools: XTool A80Pro KC501 Key Programmer Procedure: Connect A80Pro, VCI, KC501 and OBD port. Special Function>>Key Programming>>BMW>>Immobilizer>>Manual select>>CAS4/CAS4+>>Keys Matching Then we… Continue Reading

Xtool X100 PAD2 Program Fiat 500 2008 Pollen all key lost Successfully

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Guide to Read EEPROM Chip Data by Xtool X100 Pad 3

Xtool X100 Pad3, also called X100 PAD Elite, is a professional tablet key programmer which provides customers not only key programming but also advanced special functions such as key programming, oil service light reset, timing belt service light reset, tire… Continue Reading

How to Update Xtool X100 Pro3

XTOOL X100 Pro3 Car Key Programmer is a professional key customization machine with 7 special functions OBD2/EOBD diagnostic function. It is an upgraded version of X100PRO2, which cancels the odometer change and adjustment function, but adds EPB, ABS and TPS… Continue Reading

XTOOL X100 Pro2 Work with EEPROM Adapter

Xtool X-100 Pro2 is an updated version of X100+, including X100+ all matching functions and adding new software functions. This scan tool has a simple and robust design to make your vehicle service experience much easier! Support ECM reset and… Continue Reading

How to use CGDI Key Tool to Program Key for Mercedes-Benz

What to do with your Mercedes-Benz if all your keys are lost? CGDI key tool is a professional auto key programmer for our MB, which supports 211,209, 204, 207, 212,166, 246, 197,172,164 +, 216. What’s more, CGDI Prog MB Key… Continue Reading

How to use Autel IM608 Pro EEPROM function to do AKL programming for Volvo V50 2005

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BMW 520D CAS4 All Keys Lost Programmed by Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS

Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS Professional Tool is available to control the key cutting machines developed by Xhorse. Great cost savings and work facilitation. In addition, advanced features will be supported in the future for the convenience of locksmiths. Xhorse… Continue Reading

How to Solve XTOOL PAD2 “Unlock the key”

How to solve the problem in the picture below when using xtool pad2? Look at the picture below, it is “Débloquer la clé” (meaning “Unlock the key”), Unlocking a key means: if you want to program a key in a… Continue Reading