Why to buy a Xentry connect DOIP

It is of value to people looking for a MB system diagnosis system. I myself have been looking and researching for two months and have concluded that the multiplexer to purchase is the newer style unit. After 2015, all Star… Continue Reading

Enable W211 SBC Hold Stop with Star Xentry Diagnostic

If your Mercedes W211 SBC Hold mode does not work, and there is an error that SBC Hold is not available. This is possible due to the need to replace a small battery. In case of a malfunction of a… Continue Reading

03.2020 XentryDAS XDOS Download For SD Connect C4

Free download Xentry Diagnostics OpenShell 032020-Torrent.rar on Mega: https://mega.nz/#!YexTWCzD!YgEXucASBYSrcE5TOtroSSb-ZUYbQ2y2TPHIRa8gh0M XDOS 03.2020-Torrent-Rutracker.rar: https://mega.nz/#!dbBjmZhJ!X1M4sUqh7PdAZU9X0-cz5F7ZP1ApQwCT0iL_XETYqOg New Xentry release – 03.2020: https://mega.nz/#!EMkWiRSS!6gszXMzNaiZxqZgBx4HnIDDXzO7c7DcPXhGH6oWlvc8 Security: unknown. Try on your own risk Security:Safe, you can use it relief. v03/2020 Xentry OpenShell XDOS is confirmed working perfectly with… Continue Reading

SDconnect C4 Suddenly NOT Worked Solution

Will share experience that My MB star C4 sudendly stopped working without any particular reason. Laptop is Dell D630 2017 version, unit is C4 copy. I check the machine and discover “famous” 00 problem. I spent many hours of googling… Continue Reading

How to Use Vediamo to Activate Mercedes Benz SA500 Auto Fold Mirror

Before you use Vediamo to perform activation operation , you need to finish Benz mechanical fold mirror retrofit 1.Right/Left fold mirror 2.Driver side switch panel (include fold mirror switch) 3.Right/Left door module (After 2010,not need replacement) Vediamo Activate SA500 Auto Fold Mirror: 1.Connect… Continue Reading

DTS Monaco 8.14.016 Work Good for 2019.09 MB SD C4 DoIP and Benz ECOM

What is DTS-monaco ? 1.DTS-monaco is the official software used by Daimler Benz development engineers 2.DTS Monaco is universal engineering test terminal for the diagnosis and control function of the vehicle controller, The name Monaco is derived from the modular… Continue Reading

FAQs for MB SD Connect C4 Star Diagnosis Problems

  MB SD Connect Compact 4 MB Star C4 Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool latest software version is 2019.07 now , if you have any problem use the machine , following FAQs for your reference . 1. Computer System Requirement Q : Blue screen after… Continue Reading