Username and password for Xentry,EWA of MB SD Connect C4 C5 Engineering Software

When you run Xentry software,you will be asked to put username and password.What is it? Username:xentry Password:123456 But pls note that it is for offline function.If you want to support online function,you must have an account online from Benz dealer.… Continue Reading

MB STAR SD Connect Compact C4 C5 need User name and Password?

Many customers contacted us to User name and Password for MB STAR SD Connect Compact C4 C5,like the picture showing: Our mb star c4 c5 can support online and offline function.When you choose offline, pls try User name:xentry Password:123456 If… Continue Reading

How to set Bios to ACHI for C4 or C5

Recently some buyer ordered the MB STAR C4 C5 With Doip from us,and they told us when they use 2 or 3 hours then crashed, could not work any more.Our engineer said need set the Bios to ACHI. If you… Continue Reading

MB STAR C4 C5 software have been updated to 2022.12

Hello, friends,good news,the MB STAR C4 C5 Software have been update 2022.12 Benz software 2022.12 Special function version (win10 X64 version) Xentry DAS 2022.12, Long registration code,support the large buses and trucks, and support the HHT of old models such as 140… Continue Reading

How to connect with wifi for the C4 C5

So many customer told us that they could not connect with the wifi ( No wlan)? how to solve this problem, please check as following: Please note, the No wlan is not wifi can not be used. Please connect the… Continue Reading

First time to activate mb sd c4 steps

First time to activate mb sd c4 steps Open your Star Set you com port to Com2 , 115200   X X Open the EPC_Net User : admin passwd: 12345 Click “Server” Click “Edit the access authorization” Send us the… Continue Reading

Solution for MB SD C3 C4 C5 Error code 204

Error: If your Mb SD C4 has the problem of DCDI-eErrorCode=204 as below, please follow our solution This error comes up, it means the hardware procedure has been deleted, so you can’t set the WIFI or SDC4 ID Solution: Update… Continue Reading

C4 C5 Software 2022.09 Update

Benz software 2022.09 special function version (Win10 x64 version ) Xentry DAS 2022.09, Support bus and truck testing, support 213, 257 and so on new model cars to free Login diagnosis,support the older cars 140 and so on other model… Continue Reading

Benz Xentry diagnostic software configuration with SDconnect

There are two methods for configuring the Benz Xentry diagnostic software with SDconnect. We shared the first one about SDconnect configuration with Xentry wired, here we show another method to configure over the air. Preparations: Benz Xentry OpenShell.XDOS 2022 Free… Continue Reading

Mercedes benz xentry das Missed Development data in SAM Smart 451 solution

Wanna activate DRL in SAM on a Smart 451 for the wife; however, it turns out my good old SD Connect C4 Xentry/DAS machine is missing the “Development data button” in SAM I have “Diagnosis to plant specifications button” in… Continue Reading

How to reflash MB SD C4 Plus without battery

How to reflash MB SD C4 Plus without battery? You can edit Toolkit.ini to change the value of MinUpdateVoltageVbatt and MinUpdateVoltageVExt, and update the related files. Step 1: Change MinUpdateVoltageVbatt/VExt Value Right click the corresponding icon Select ‘Goto BIN directory’… Continue Reading

How to Setup the DOIP of MB SD C4 Diagnostic Tool

Newest update V2021.09 MB SD C4 Plus supports mercedes benz cars and trucks till year 2020. MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic tool support doip, with free engineer software DTS Monaco Vediamo, software update via hdd. SD C4 Plus support DoIP… Continue Reading

How to Solve “No Read authorization for this datacard” for EPCWIS

For 2020 new xentry software for MB SD C4 DoIP Plus and MB SD C5, after all activated, when open EPC/WIS via EWA, prompt error message with “No read authorization for this datacard”. For this problem, need to re-active the… Continue Reading