Benz Xentry VCI factory setting

For some reasons you need reset your Benz Xentry VCI to factory setting.Here is a instruction show you guide on how to initialize your Benz Xentry VCI to factory settings. Related Content: Benz Xentry OpenShell.XDOS 2022 Free Download If required,… Continue Reading

How to set Bios to ACHI for C4 or C5

Recently some buyer ordered the MB STAR C4 C5 With Doip from us,and they told us when they use 2 or 3 hours then crashed, could not work any more.Our engineer said need set the Bios to ACHI. If you… Continue Reading

MB STAR C4 C5 software have been updated to 2022.12

Hello, friends,good news,the MB STAR C4 C5 Software have been update 2022.12 Benz software 2022.12 Special function version (win10 X64 version) Xentry DAS 2022.12, Long registration code,support the large buses and trucks, and support the HHT of old models such as 140… Continue Reading

How to connect with wifi for the C4 C5

So many customer told us that they could not connect with the wifi ( No wlan)? how to solve this problem, please check as following: Please note, the No wlan is not wifi can not be used. Please connect the… Continue Reading

First time to activate mb sd c4 steps

First time to activate mb sd c4 steps Open your Star Set you com port to Com2 , 115200   X X Open the EPC_Net User : admin passwd: 12345 Click “Server” Click “Edit the access authorization” Send us the… Continue Reading

Solution for MB SD C3 C4 C5 Error code 204

Error: If your Mb SD C4 has the problem of DCDI-eErrorCode=204 as below, please follow our solution This error comes up, it means the hardware procedure has been deleted, so you can’t set the WIFI or SDC4 ID Solution: Update… Continue Reading

How can i get the Wifi for C5 and let EVG7 work with XENTRY 

MB SD Connect Compact 5 Star C5 Diagnostic Tool With DOIP And WiFi 2022.09 Plus EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC MB SD Connect C5 DoIP MB Star Diagnostic Tool Support DOIP function for Benz car commander online programming. MB SD Connect… Continue Reading

How to configure Super MB Pro M6 Wifi on Win10 Win7 XP

Here takes Super MB Pro M6 wireless as an example Connect the device with PC Find the WiFi (WiFi name: XC4 PLUS_****) Click ‘Connect’ Enter the network security key (password): 123456789 Then click ‘Next’ It will prompt ‘Do you want… Continue Reading

09.2022 Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS Diagnostic Software Free Download

Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS Mercedes Xentry Diagnostic software OpenShell Diagnostaic (XDOS) works under the operating systems Windows 10 64 bit. Functional difference the XDOS from Xentry/DAS which running with Windows XP, is the absence in the XDOS app HHT, intended to diagnose old… Continue Reading

Benz Xentry diagnostic software configuration with SDconnect

There are two methods for configuring the Benz Xentry diagnostic software with SDconnect. We shared the first one about SDconnect configuration with Xentry wired, here we show another method to configure over the air. Preparations: Benz Xentry OpenShell.XDOS 2022 Free… Continue Reading