FAQs for PCMtuner ECU Programmer Chip Tuning Tool

FAQs for PCMtuner ECU Programmer Chip Tuning Tool 1.Q: Why to choose this PCMtuner? A: a. Tuner design it, more suitable. b. We know what tuner want. c. Not only for chip tuning but also for locksmith and ecu repairs… Continue Reading

iProg Pro Change Mileage for GAZ NEXT 2016 2018

This instruction show you guide on how to use iProg Pro tool to do odometer correction for GAZ NEXT 2016 2018. Preparations: Newest iProg Pro Plus iProg+ v84 v82 Free Download Procedures: Open iProg Pro software,and select “GAZ NEXT” to… Continue Reading

Newest iProg Pro Plus iProg+ v84 v82 Free Download

What is iProg? iProg Pro software is a programmer software work with iProg Pro programmer.It is can work on cars,motors,trucks with key programming,mileage adjustment,MCU programming,read/write EEPROM and reset airbag. iProg Pro Function List: KEY PROGRAMMING FOR TRUCK , MOTO ,… Continue Reading

Mini ACDP BMW Read MSV90 Version Info Error Solution

I want to read my dme msv90 ISN by mini acdp. I have got the MSV90 ISN reading authorization, then connect OBP+ ICP adapter with msv90 by a wiring harness, and connect to acdp basic master, then read isn using… Continue Reading

Iprog+ Pro Clone V84 Crack Free Download

Offered the newest Iprog+ Pro Programmer clone software V84 free download link and installation tips. Free download Iprog+ Pro V84 software: https://mega.nz/file/gZp2mQZT#k3X5TevoWcSJFrE1Da7Mdsok9PdeCzJgc-W-4D-XZUo Password: No need Security: No risk! Size: 1.5MB O.S: WinXP, Win7, Win8 Language: English, Russian Installation tips: 1.Download… Continue Reading

Xprog 5.76 vs Xprog M 5.70 vs Xprog Box 5.60 vs Xprog-M 5.5

Xprog-M programmer is updated to Xprog box v5.76!! So, what’s new in Xprog box 5.76 programmer & what’s the differences among xprog box (xprog m) v5.76 v5.70 v5.60 v5.5. What is Similarities of Xprog-M programmers v5.76 v5.70 v5.60 v5.5? Xprog… Continue Reading

ECU Programming Tool KTAG & KESS V2 Explanation

As a professional mechanic, I have done a lot of research on ECU programmer, I was impressed on two products K-TAG ECU Programming and KESS V2. Here CnAutotool will Share my understanding of them. K-TAG introduces another brand new novelty to Alientech… Continue Reading