MB Star C4/C5/C6 lastest software Xentry V2022.09 Work for Mercedes Ben from1996 to 2022

MB Star diagnostic Xentry 09.2022 release is now available,so far everything works as before …..It is confirmed working  perfectly with 12v 24 Mercedes car, Bus, truck, Sprint, Smart from 1996 to 2022 year. MB Star Diagnostic SD Connect C4/C5/C6 software… Continue Reading

Mercedes benz xentry das Missed Development data in SAM Smart 451 solution

Wanna activate DRL in SAM on a Smart 451 for the wife; however, it turns out my good old SD Connect C4 Xentry/DAS machine is missing the “Development data button” in SAM I have “Diagnosis to plant specifications button” in… Continue Reading

How to Turn OFF Rear Seat Belt Warning for Benz W212

If you drive forward or the back door opens,the seat belt warning appears on the display.It will turn off after about 30 seconds and this sometimes interferes.Here CnAutotool.com show you guide on how to use Xentry software to disable it.This… Continue Reading

Fixed! mb sdc4 configAssist “unable to access service”

One user of Mb SD C4 tried to activate Xentry and need to open “configAssist”, got problem with it ” unable to access service…” So he was unable to go through as the PDF guide on desk, to activate. CnAutotool… Continue Reading

V2020.06 MB SD C4 Xentry software frequently asked questions

In this post, you can learn something new about V2020.06 Mb SD C4 Xentry software incl. software features and frequently asked questions. V2020.06 MB Star Diagnostic Xentry software feature: 1.DTS Monaco 8.13 is added by our technician, the engineering software… Continue Reading

VXDIAG Benz C6 DoIP VCI Xentry Newbie Test Report

I have been using a VXDIAG Benz C6 (the new one with the LAN port and mini-USB jack) for sometime (I have the Xentry and ODIS licence). From my experience, I can tell you it’s a good device for Xentry.… Continue Reading

SDconnect C4 Suddenly NOT Worked Solution

Will share experience that My MB star C4 sudendly stopped working without any particular reason. Laptop is Dell D630 2017 version, unit is C4 copy. I check the machine and discover “famous” 00 problem. I spent many hours of googling… Continue Reading