How to install Setup Utility with Chrysler Diagnostic Tool V17.04.27 WiTech MicroPod 2 ?

Attention : Once the microPOD chrysler 2 diagnostic tool is configured using the microPOD Setup Utility, all the microPOD Wireless Settings will be deleted. To download the application, please login to DealerCONNECT > Service > wiTECH Information > microPod Setup… Continue Reading

How to Do Key Programming with Chrysler Diagnostic Tool wiTech MicroPod II ?

  Chrysler Diagnostic Tool wiTech MicroPod II Supports all the latest technologies and vehicle platforms including the latest Chrysler and Fiat Vehicles. It support key programming , but how to do programming ? Lets check the steps as bellowing :… Continue Reading

A customer’s experience with Witech system installation

I thought i would add a small snippet of info regarding my experience with the Witech system setup. Package showed up, and it had the interface dongle, usb cable, and software disk. I made a backup of the disk and… Continue Reading

DRB III Relearn TPMS on a 2007 Chrysler Crossfire

Performing a Train (Relearn) sequence on the 2007 Chrysler Crossfire using the DRB 3 Enhanced Emulator and wiTECH MicroPod 2. Firstly, have everything you will need: 1) Good computer knowledge 2) A laptop with a clean Windows XP or Windows… Continue Reading

How to use WiTech MicroPod 2 to Program spare fob on Chrysler Minivans 2008-2020

When it comes to making keys on many late model vehicles, an OEM factory scan tool is the only option. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you get a call for “all keys lost” on a 2015 Chrysler… Continue Reading

How to program a new key and fob remote for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicle

This instruction will guide you on how easy to program a new key and fob remote for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicle. You only need one working key to program a new smart key fob, and you can program more… Continue Reading