Piwis 3 software can’t work well for Porsche Piwis3 PT3G-VCI V42.100.02+V38.250.00? How to do?

If you order our high quality Porsche Piwis3 PT3G-VCI,we will equip both Piwis3 and Piwis2 software in SSD. piwis 3:V42.100.02+V38.250.00   piwis 2: V18.100.00 Some customers reported our piwis 3 software can’t work normally,and send me some pictures,pls check below:… Continue Reading

CAT 239-9967 Bypass Messenger Harness for Flash the New CAT Messenger Display

CAT 239-9967 Bypass Messenger Harness for Flash the New CAT Messenger Display 239-9967 (Bypass Messenger Harness) 239-5025 (Messenger Display) →Used to flash CAT Messenger display when communication through Service Connector/ Diagnostic Port is not possible. →Used with CAT ET Software/… Continue Reading

How to Use eTechnician Diagnostic Software Function Test

Nexiq eTechnician™ provides a number of special tests to assist you with your vehicle diagnostic efforts. Most tests require you to connect eTechnician™ to a running vehicle.The tests available differ depending on the module to which you are connected. From… Continue Reading

How to Diagnose Power Steering Unit Fluid Leak for ISUZU Trucks

Introduction: Power steering fluid leaks in ISUZU trucks can often lead to unnecessary replacement of power steering gear assemblies. To address this issue, Isuzu has developed a service procedure to help technicians accurately diagnose power steering gear oil leaks. By… Continue Reading

How to use 2023.03 Tsla PRO Diagnostic Scanner

Tsla PRO diagnostic and programming device working with Tesla S, X models. Tesla diagnostic tool is profesional level and allows to perform full diagnostic work, reads modules like: ESP, TPMS, BMW, TAS, EAS, THC, PARK2, SEC, SDM by Bosh, SDM,… Continue Reading

Laptop Can’t See VAS6154 Solution

WIFI VAS6154 is the latest VAG full system diagnostic and programming interface for VW AUDI, which can read and clear code, dynamic data flow, programming,coding, and personalized settings,including maintenance information systems, technical briefings, circuit diagrams, component drawings, diagnostic guidelines, etc.… Continue Reading

How to solve the problem that piwis 2 software can’t load?

Piwis 3 is the third generation of a diagnostic tool developed by Porsche for use in their workshops.  It is a specialized piece of equipment that allows Porsche technicians and mechanics to diagnose and troubleshoot issues in Porsche vehicles.  The… Continue Reading

How to Use Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Software Trainer Function

Caterpillar ET diagnostic software Trainer function runs the service tool in a training mode. This provides an opportunity to become familiar with the service tool without connecting to an Electronic Control Module (ECM) or a Communication Adapter. There is no… Continue Reading

How to Adjust the Clearance of the Pinion Gear on Caterpillar Excavator

The pinion gear clearance on the electric starter motor of a Caterpillar excavator is an important adjustment that ensures proper engagement and operation of the motor. If the clearance is not set correctly, it can lead to issues such as… Continue Reading