How to Do Key Programming with Chrysler Diagnostic Tool wiTech MicroPod II ?

  Chrysler Diagnostic Tool wiTech MicroPod II Supports all the latest technologies and vehicle platforms including the latest Chrysler and Fiat Vehicles. It support key programming , but how to do programming ? Lets check the steps as bellowing :… Continue Reading

How Good for Noregon JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostic Tool

JPRO Professional truck scanner is the most comprehensive and powerful all makes, all models diagnostic tool available in the industry today. In one, easy annual subscription, JPRO provides a complete & unparalleled diagnostic service & repair solution with bi-directional functionality.… Continue Reading

Program Mercedes W211 All Keys Lost by Xtool X100 PAD3 with M821 Adapter

This article will show you how to use Xtool X100 PAD3 Program Mercedes W211 All Keys Lost with M821 Adapter in 3 Mins. Device required: Xtool X100 PAD3/Pad Elite/H6 Pro/A80 Pro etc Xtool KC501 eeprom adapter Xtool M821 Benz AKL… Continue Reading

How to Use MUT-III to Diagnose MiEV & PHEV Computer

This instruction show the method for how to use MUT-III diagnostic software to perform MiEV and PHEV computer diagnosis. Related Contents: MUT-3 MUT-III Mitsubishi Diagnostic Software Free Download MUT-III ECU Rewrite ROM Data from 2009 to 2021 Procedures: Operation method… Continue Reading

FAQs for PCMtuner ECU Programmer Chip Tuning Tool

FAQs for PCMtuner ECU Programmer Chip Tuning Tool 1.Q: Why to choose this PCMtuner? A: a. Tuner design it, more suitable. b. We know what tuner want. c. Not only for chip tuning but also for locksmith and ecu repairs… Continue Reading

How To Code BMW Injectors With Autel Tool

In short, manufacturers have introduced injector coding because they are facing evertightening controls on emissions. Fitting some new injectors means we have to tell the ECU what we have done so that it can make the appropriate calculation to allow… Continue Reading

Solutions for Digimaster 3 Error “Cannot copy ‘LCB_ALFA_147.htm’”

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Check the Cylinder Compression using TECHSTREAM (TIS) Software

Check the Cylinder Compression INSPECT COMPRESSION 1). Manually using the pressure gauge (cylinder compression pressure). * Remove Cylinder Head cover. * Remove 4 Ignition Coil. * Remove 4 Spark Plug (Busi). * Remove connector Fuel Injector. -Install compression gauge to… Continue Reading