Autel TS508 “OBD Relearn Fails””No DTC’s”

Problem: I’m having a challenge with the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508. I connected the TS508 to my car’s OBD port, but there is no communication with the car.I’ve fitted 1 new TPMS sensor and have performed “position relearn”, and then “OBD… Continue Reading

How To Code BMW Injectors With Autel Tool

In short, manufacturers have introduced injector coding because they are facing evertightening controls on emissions. Fitting some new injectors means we have to tell the ECU what we have done so that it can make the appropriate calculation to allow… Continue Reading

Maxisys Ultra vs MS908S Pro vs Elite vs MS909 vs MS919

Autel Maxisys Ultra All-in-one scanner is the updated Version of MK908P/ MS908P/ Elite/ MS909/ MS919, with advanced VCMI 5-In-1 Device: VCI, OSCILLOSCOPE, MULTIMETER, WAVEFORM GENERATOR, CAN BUS CHECK,can provide Latest OE Level Coverage for 99.99% Makes in The Market. HARDWARE… Continue Reading