How to Solve BMW F02 Door Lockingunlocking 80209D Trouble Repair

One of my vehicle repair workshop friend share his experience for BMW door trouble repair.He described that a BMW F02 with 100,000 km equipment with N52 engine get trouble on door locking.The driver side door can be locked with main… Continue Reading

How To Solve BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C Cannot Find IP Address

When you use BMW ICOM A+B+C diagnostic head with ICOM ISTA-P/D software, but the IP address cannot be found, how to solve this problem? Here is the suggestion from a professional technician working at If you have the same… Continue Reading

V2020.08 BMW ICOM Software Update for BMW ICOM A2/NEXT (100% Works)

Newest BMW ICOM software V08.2020 has been verified to work with BMW ICOM A2+B+C and BMW ICOM NEXT diagnostic tools. V2020.08 BMW ICOM software Update info: ISTA-D 4.24.13 SDP Programming Database 4.24.12, Multilingual VIN: 2020.06.08 ISTA-P , BMW ETK… Continue Reading

BMW F18 525Li N20 Valvetronic Trouble with 135401 fault code Repair Case

One customer describe his 2013 BMW F18 525Li with 61000km mileage got trouble.The car engine warning light on and central display “Transmission malfunction”.But it can start engine and accelerate normally.More repair cases about BMW,please check here:BMW Trouble Repair Use BMW… Continue Reading

How to restore the performance of the N53 engine

In this entry: step-by-step recommendations for restoring the performance of the N53 engine. Available diagnostics tool: ISTA D/+ Symptoms: increased fuel consumption, permanent vibration, uneven performance, low-quality idle. Notes 1. If it is possible, use INPA for F series to… Continue Reading

V2020.03 Newest Version Software ISTA-D ISTA 4.21.31 ISTA-P with Engineer Programming

V2020.03 Newest Version Software ISTA-D ISTA 4.21.31 ISTA-P with Engineer Programming Software Version : V2020.03 ISTA – D: 4.21.31,with SDP Programming Database 4.21.32 ISTA – P: with Engineer Programming,supports the programming of BMW motorcycles and electric vehicles can… Continue Reading

How to do BMW engine re-adaptation using ISTA D or ISTA+

Steps to re-adapt BMW engine with BMW ISTA-D or ISTA+ software: (Rheingold is the old name of ISTA/D. After version 4, it was called ISTA+ and also has the ability to program F and G cars without ISTA/P. ISTA/P is… Continue Reading

The way to diagnognostic bwm icom

1. Open the BMW’s driver-side door. Look into the leg-space beneath the dashboard. There, you will find 16 pin-receiving Data Link Connector. This DLC outlet is featured in different locations, depending on the model of BMW you are working with.… Continue Reading

How to Use BMW ICOM B for initial Use ?

Before flashing anything with a new ICOM-B for the first time, I recommend doing a stress test with Tool32. Configure Ediabas to most async ab 625, open Tool32 and cicr.prg. Then select job fs_lesen and then from Tool32 top bar, select… Continue Reading