JLR DoIP VCI SDD Pathfinder Interface TOPIX

Recently a said when he use the JLR DoIP VCI SDD Pathfinder Interface, They said the TOPIX need username and password. JLR DoiP VCI SDD Pathfinder Interface for Jaguar Land Rover Diagnostic Tool JLR VCI from 2005 to 2022 1.The… Continue Reading

09.2022 VW ODIS 9.1.0 & 7.2.1 & 5.2.7 Diagnositc software download

What is VW ODIS? ODIS System is short called of Offboard Diagnostic Information System, integrates VW Group’s main application system, improves greatly on the efficiency of diagnosis. ODIS System provide flexible fault diagnosis, clear data test display, convenient diagnosis entrance.… Continue Reading

Why and How to Connect GM TECH 2 Scanner with PC ?

The GM Tech 2 is the same tester GM Technicians use to diagnose GM vehicles. The Vetronix Tech 2 comes with Authentic GM software and provides support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru 2014. Why GM Tech… Continue Reading

Launch X431 PAD V Does not Respond Solution

When you power on your Launch X431 PAD V device,you find it prompt “X-431 PAD V does not respond”,even after several time device restarting,the error still same.  For this situation you need change your X431 device to factory version,the re-install… Continue Reading

What is a car diagnostic software?

When we say “car diagnostic software,” we really mean a diagnostic software that automates a car’s functions. Since each car manufacturer has its own brand of diagnostic software, different automakers have different features, sometimes missing altogether or confusing car owners… Continue Reading

How to Activate Launch X431 Truck Module to Your Androld Tablet OR Phone

How to Activate Launch X431 Truck Module to Your Androld Tablet OR Phone 1. Note: if you are using android version higher than 7 (Nougat) Please download the file from this link: https://erwinsalarda.com/download-launch-x431-apk-software-for-android/ 2. From the link above download the… Continue Reading

Engine Power Balance Monitoring by X431 PAD VII / X431 PAD V

Engine power balance Function Description: During the power stroke of each cylinder, the power balance monitors the crankshaft acceleration to determine the relative power provided by each cylinder. The crankshaft acceleration data obtained from each power stroke is saved according… Continue Reading

Ford VCM II Tool IDS Software Exchange for English version software Method

Many western countries’ customers recently tell our customer service staff that they’ve encountered a problem when using IDS software on Ford VCM II Diagnostic Tool. Here is the picture display of this tool: So what’s their original saying about this… Continue Reading

How to Use MUT-III Diagnostic Software Actuator Test Function

Actuator test function is a useful function when you perform diagnostics,so here CnAutotool.com show you guide on how to use MUT-3 diagnostic software actuator test function. Preparations: 2020 MUT-3 MUT-III Mitsubishi Diagnostic Software Free Download MUT-III Diagnostic Tools Procedures: Connect… Continue Reading