How to use the 2016 FVDI software USB dongle

1)Ensure there is good network connection environment
2)Run”Abrites Quick Start”. Select quck link icon on desktop and open”Abrites qucik”. Then select vehicle icon, software is running when the Dongle icon on the right-bottom of the desktop pops out.
3)Plug the software dongle into the computer/laptop.
4)Run commander software
5)Beacause the Dongle and TAG key programmer connect to the same port of FVDI, so users cannot connect the USB Dongle and TAG software at the same time. When”connect Tag programmer appears” messsage pops out, please disconnect the USB dongle as soon as possible and plug in the TAG key programmer quickly, After complete programming transponder, then connect the Dongle to carry out online function.

Note: FVDI can only work on windows XP(SP2 or SP3). It can not work on VISTA r Win7.

How to get 2016 FVDI additional software:
1) Order on FVDI commander and pay authorization for the additional software you want, we will activate the software authorization for you.
2) our website have launched new 2016 FVDI with full 18 software at the price of 1249USD with one year using limiation. After one year you need pay autohrization fee again to continue use it. One year time calcuate from the day you purchased it.

more details about the FVDI ABRITES Commander With Full Version 18 Software pls contact us :