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Car diagnostic tool

Lonsdor K518ISE program BMW FEM/BDC key

Lonsdor K518ISE has released BMW FEM/BDC key programming function, here is a post to help you program a key for BMW FEM/BDC modules easily. It need three steps, read key info,re-process FEM/BD system and Generate dealer key.

Read the operation instructions in the below picture, as you can see, when you make dealer key for all key lost, enter 32-bit ISN code.

Step 1. read key info
Before operating other functions, you must read key info firstly including VIN, type, current key position and kilometers etc (see below picture).

Step 2. pre-process FEM/BDC system
1: OBD backup the original coding data:
Connect the FEM/BDC system on the car or the test platform, then backup the original coding files via OBD.
2: read out EEPROM backup data & generate service mode EEPROM:

Remove the FEM/BDC mod...

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The way to diagnognostic bwm icom

1. Open the BMW’s driver-side door. Look into the leg-space beneath the dashboard. There, you will find 16 pin-receiving Data Link Connector. This DLC outlet is featured in different locations, depending on the model of BMW you are working with. Some may readily seen, but others may be concealed behind an access panel. Should you have trouble locating your BMW’s DLC outlet, there is an online application that could assist (see Resources).
2. Clone BMW ICOM A+B+C BMW ISIS ISID is BMW OBD complete diagnostic system for programming, diagnosing and coding. BMW OBD II repair tool have full system replace BMW GT1, BMW OPS, BMW OPPS. All BMW series can be processed with the ICOM A, B and C modules.

3 : Connect your BMW ICOM A+B+C diagnostic handheld to the DLC outlet...

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BMW ICOM A2+B+C with 2018.07 Software Plus EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC

BMW ICOM A2+B+C with 2018.09 Software Plus EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC


Software Version : V2018.07

ISTA – D: V4.11.30,with SDP data V4.11.30
ISTA – P: 3.64.2 with Engineer Programming
can program F/G/I/K chassis for car (through the ICOM, not other cable )
Vin: V2018.06

BMW ETK: 2018.06
BMW KSD: 2018.05  Multilanguage
BMW FSC Navigation Code Generator
BMWAiCoder for BMW Coding


BMW ICOM A2+B+CFunction:
* Interface A2 – OBD diagnostic supporting MOST, D-CAN and K-CAN protocols.
* Interface B – diagnostic via MOST bus, and have connection to A-interface via USB connection.
* Interface C – 20-pin cable for old models.

Support Multi-language in diagnose and programming, also TIS diagram circuit: American English/ British English/ German/

Spanish/ French/ Italian/ polish/ Portugues...

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Best Quality Piwis Tester II for Porsche V18.100

Porsche piwis tester 2 is the latest inspect equipment of Porsche Company. This is the latest professional tester for Porshe, it is the Next Generation of PIWIS Tester Porsche V18.100 . Piwis Tester II is the latest professional tester for Porshe,the most poweful diagnose and offline programming tool for Porsche,with latest tester for Porsche,powerful functions,full access .

Lastest Version for Porsche Piwis Tester 2 is V18.100 .This is Original Porsche Software , you can free to download from official website.

Porsche Piwis Tester II works with the old and latest Porsche cars from 2005-2015. It is equipped with the CF30 laptop and original software for the test. Porsche Piwis Tester II can help you diagnose and program the most new and old kind of Porsche cars...

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The Solution to abnormal display after updating Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer

The Solution to abnormal display after updating Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer.

Problem: Click “Immobilizer” button after updating the device, it skips to below interface:

Step 1: After rebooting the device, please press and hold the setting and return buttons(in below red box) simultaneously for few seconds..

Step 2: The following interface appears, please click “uninstall APK” button in the red box, and wait for few seconds.

Step 3: It skips to below interface, please click “OK” to continue.

Step 4: The following interface appears, please click the button in the red box to install factory-set/default APK.

Step 5: Please wait for about half a minute. The factory-set APK is installed and initiates automatically. Then input the password on boot, and click “OK”...

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How does GM Tech 2 works with Hummer

This is about Tech 2 Scanner for Hummer troubleshooting and programming.

Can I have a cheap Tech 2 for Hummer?
Yep. Both the original and HQ clone can work for your car.

Where can I get a working clone at a good price?

Why my Hummer is not shown in the GM vehicle list?
That little short list is incorrect and only shows a few of the earlier than 2007 CAN bus vehicles.

Tech 2 clone for both troubleshooting and programming Hummer?
I’ve used my Tech2 on my 08 many times for troubleshooting not programming
But I think it should be able to program Hummer.

Anyone has good success of Hummer H3?
My H3 has had a CEL on – po452. I checked it with the tech 2...

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Lonsdor K518ise can’t be connected vehicle solution

This post if for those uses with Lonsdor K518ISE failed to connect the machine to any car listed in K518ISE vehicle list. It is possible the OBD cable, or little chance due to the device.For more information,please please visit our website

OBD test cable testing method:

Step 1: Unplug the K518ISE main unit and turn it off

Step 2: Connect the DB25 cable(OBD cable) to k518ISE main unit, using a multimeter and switch to the diode stalls

Pay attention that there are 3 connectors on the OBD cable:

Connector 1: connect K518ISE OBD port;

Connector 2: connect KPROG adaptor

Connector 3: connect the vehicle OBD port


Step 3: Use the red pen to touch the metal part(as shown in pic 2 in red)
Step 4: Use the black pen to test the resistance of each pin of the vehicle connector (A...

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GM Tech 2 Scan Tool TIS2000 Installation Guide

GM Tech 2 Scan Tool work for Opel/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU before 2012. Vetronix GM Tech 2 comes with Authentic GM

software included Tech2win & Tis2000. Client share GM Tech 2 TIS2000 software installation Guide as


GM Tech 2 SAAB/Opel Tech 2 Scan Tool GM Tech 2 Scanner

My new GM Tech 2 Scan Tool bought from

It is in perfect working order and has the screen cover.
Also included is the

Diagnostic Scan Tool GM Tech 2 Scan Tool TIS2000 software which you will need to access the

security to program keys

TIS2000 installation guide:

Small glitch running TIS2000, and unless your laptop/computer has an RS232 port to plug the Tech II cable into it, your

going to need an usb cable instead.

Or Here is...

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Lonsdor K518ise Newest Update Toyota Hyundai Honda and Nissan

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Update Toyota Hyundai, Honda and Nissan Series.


Toyota Series:

8A Smart key
2007 Crown key
Alphard Add smart key
2006 Reiz
Crown 68 chip all lost

Hyundai series:

2013/2015 Verna Remote
2009 Rohens Add smart key
2014 Sonata 8 Communication
2014 IX25 Smart key all lost


Honda Accord 9th key
2017 NISSAN Teana 4A Transponder

Lonsdor K518ISE Auto Key Programmer can program Toyota/Lexus smart key all key lost via OBD by working together with extra SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator(optional)

SKE-LT: Smart Key emulator – Toyota/Lexus smart key for all key lost via OBD.(optional)
Black:  SKE-LT-DST40(94/D4) -Supports 94/D4 smart key.(optional)
Red: SKE-LT-8A(88/A8)-Support 88/A8 smart key.(optional)
Green: SKE-LT-DST80(98)-Supports 98 smart key.(optional)

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Solutions for Nissan Consult 3 Plus Software Stop Working

Recently , there have customer give feedback that his Nissan Consult 3 Plus software stop working like the bellowing picture and video display :

The reason why would be this issues happen ?

1.The software running have requirements for laptop , need highly configured laptop
2.This software cant working for all system one-time diagnostic , because the software running need enough memory , laptop have not enough memory to running the software

What is the best solution of Nissan diagnosis & ECU programming?

If you have no highly configured laptop , we recommend that please dont selected one-time diagnostic for all system , you should do single system testing one by one .

Nissan Consult 3 vs. Consult III Plus vs. Consult 4 vs. FVDI

For any othe...

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