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F201Car HUD Vehicle Head Up Display OBDII OBD2 Over Speeding Warning

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Technical Support


F201 Car HUD Vehicle Head Up Display OBDII OBD2 Over Speeding Warning

our Automotive Head Up Display is abbreviated to HUD, which is short for Head Up Display, with the meaning of "Look-up display device", or "look-at-the-front-horizontally display device". When driving at a high speed, especially at night, the driver may look down at the instrument panel, which may cause accidents if urgent situation occurs right away and no immediate measures can be taken. To prevent this situation from occurring, some high-end cars are equipped with head up display (HUD) system, which can project important information (e.g. vehicle speed) onto the front windshield at the eye level of the driver. Besides, the display location and brightness can be adjusted through automatic induction, which can prevent the driver from looking down at the instrument panel and shorten the time of eyes for the blind spot in front. This can avoid breaking rules and regulations due to speeding in many speed-limited sections. What's more important, it can enable the driver to read the number instantly without shifting horizon, which is of vital value in reducing traffic accidents caused by absent-mind due to looking down.
This is a multi-functional HUD product which is developed based on OBDⅡ interface and has good cost-performance ratio. It is designed by adopting the latest integrated circuit with stable performance and has a beautiful and elegant appearance. The installation and adjustment examination can be finished within 3 minutes by using an easier and safer method.

Car HUD Vehicle Head Up Display OBDⅡ OBD2 Over Speeding Warning 

Introduction of functions
Function of the screen
1. Speed: Number indicates the current speed.
2. Rotation speed: indicates the rotating status of the engine and the scale measured represents the speed reached.
3. Water temperature: When the temperature reaches 115 degree centigrade, alarm will be given automatically with alarm light turned on.
4. Tips for shifting gear: It will indicate to gear up to save fuel when the engine speed and car speed come to a certain ratio.
5. Tips for over speed: It will flicker and alarm when exceeding the speed limit set up before.
6. Immediate one hundred kilometers/instantaneous fuel consumption:Display fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers when there is speed, in L/100km.
7. unit of kilometer:In the international system of units, kilometer/hour is commonly used, in km/h.
8. Battery voltage: when the battery voltage is less than/reaches 12v, the caution light will light up to remind.
9. Buzzer mark: press the switch button can turn on or turn off the sound of the buzzer.

Introduction of operating mode
1. The first time to use
When you have connected the HUD display, the OBD cable and the car TDCL, start the vehicle and turn on the H101 power supply switch, then you will see the boot screen, "HUD" and the type "101" will be displayed flickeringly.
After that, H101 starts to scan the car communication treaty, the rate of progress will be showed in the process bar, and the number at the upper right corner indicates the current communication treaty, the first number represents: 1 ISO treaty ; 2. CAN treaty, 3.KWP treay, the second number represents the sub-treaty of the treaty, for example, “2…2” represents the second kind of communication treaty of CAN is under scanning.
When the scanning is finished, if it has successfully scanned the matched communication treaty, "888" will be showed at the upper right corner. Now press any key, then H101 will save the communication information automatically and begin to function well.
If the scanning failed, "000" will be showed at the upper right corner, press any key, then H101 will restart and began to scan again.

2. Normal use
When you use it, oil consumption will be displayed at the upper right corner of the H101 home screen. When the car is travelling, the parameter is danymic oil consumption (L/100Km), when the car is motionless, the parameter is steady state oil consumption (L/H), the progress bar and the number beside it show the current rotate speed (rpm), the big number below shows either speed of the car, water temperature or battery voltage. You can use the left key or the right one to switchover.
When it is at the home screen, press "MENU", it will show the mean oil consumption and mean speed of this travel. It will return to the home screen in a few seconds.
By pressing "SET", you can turn on or turn off the alarm, and you can see the current state from the horn icon at the upper left corner.
A while after the ignition key is turned off, the H101 will standby automatically, when the ignition key is turned on and the engine is started, the H101 will boot automatically.

3. Reminding and alarming
When used daily, the H101 has the following reminding and alarming functions:
Gear shift reminding: when the rotate speed of the engine reaches the set value, a sound will remind you to shift to another tap position; meanwhile, the "shift gear" icon will flicker.
Over speed alarm: when the speed of the car exceeds the set value, the number and icon represents the speed will flicker, at the same time, a sound will be given out.
Water temperature alarm: when the water temperature exceeds the set value, the number and icon that stands for water temperature will flicker, you can hear a warning tone.
Voltage alarm: when the voltage exceeds the set value, the corresponding number and icon will flicker, and a warning tone will be made.

4. Setup menu
In the home screen, press the MENU (for more than 1 second, and then loosen) for a long time, and then you can access into Setup Menu. On the upper-right corner, the serial number of the menu item will be displayed. The figure underneath will show the present set value.
Press the left key or the right key to adjust the set value, and press "MENU" to shift to the next option. When you have finished the setting, press "MENU" for a long time, then all the modifications will be cancelled and return to the home screen. Press "SET" for a long time can save your modification, and H101 will restart.

List of the set values:
01 The disjuncture for alarm, 0: turn off 1: turn on It amounts to pressing “SET” when at the home screen, but can be saved at the setup menu, and it will not disappear when outage occurs.
02 Detected fault code, 0: off 1: on when it is on, it will detect fault code automatically after starting up and show the test result.
03 The rotate speed of shifting gears. Multiply this value by 10, you will have the threshold value of shift gear reminding.
04 The upper limit to shift gears. When the speed of the car exceeds this value, the reminding of shifting gear will not work.
05 Delay the standby. It is used to set how long H101 will enter the standby state after the key is turned off.
06 larm for water temperature. When the water temperature exceeds this value, it will give an alarm.
07 Coefficient of oil consumption is used to adjust the deviation of oil consumption, and is proportional to the current oil consumption.
08 high voltage alarm, voltage exceeds this value (divided by 10), alarm.
10  low voltage alarm, voltage below this value (divided by 10), alarm.
11  the current communication protocol, automobile support various communication protocol, can try to choose another. The default value is 0.
12 brightness settings, choose between 1~6, numerical value is greater, the higher brightness.

5. Restore factory settings
When you need H101 to restore factory settings, you can operate as follows:
First turn off the power supply, then turn on it, when starting up is displayed, press " MENU " and "SET" at the same time, until “SET” is displayed and the flicker is finished, then release the key, and the restore of H101 is finished, and it will reboot and scan the treaty. All the set values will be restored to default.
6. Detection of fault code
When turn on the key and H101 restarts every time, if the fault code detection function is set, the fault code stored in the ECU of vehicle will be detected automatically. If fault code exists, buzzing sound will prompt and fault code will be displayed.
The upper right corner will show which one is the current fault code and its letter code. The little figure beside progress bar is the first digit of the fault code, and the figures below are the second, third and fourth digit of fault code.
As shown in the figure, the first fault code is displayed, which is”P01080”, for the fault content, please see relevant materials or search in the H101 official website. 
If there are several fault codes, when checking other codes, page can be turned by pressing left key or right key.
Press MENU key to exit fault code display.

Preparation before installation and use
1. Know the type of your vehicle. When purchasing HUD, you need to choose the type of vehicle that meets the OBDII standards for normal use. Open the engine hood and find the paster below it (see the picture below), if it has words like OBDII CERTIFIED, then it can be installed. Check if there is a test diagnostic communication link (TDCL) under the steering wheel. (Most of the vehicles after 2006 in China have been equipped with a TDCL)
2. Find out the diagnostic link (see the picture below) of vehicle 16 pin and connect it well with OBDII connecting line. As different types of vehicles have different positions for diagnostic link and some are relatively narrow, patch cord can be purchased.
3. Put the give-away non-slip mat at the flat place in front of the navigation bridge, then you can place the host machine of HUD on it and adjust its location at any time.
4. The reflecting film should be pasted right above the H101 host machine and it should be able to reflect the mainframe screen.
Methods of pasting the film:
A . equably water the place that the film will be pasted on ;
B . rip off the covering layer of the film , and water both sides of it , and paste it to the right place.
C After you have adjusted the location well, you can use a scratch board or something else flat to slick the film and squeeze the water inside out until there is no bubble or water in it.
D A few minutes later, the moisture inside the film totally evaporates , then you can finish this by wiping away the water and dust around .

Accessories of product
1. Host machine of HUD ×1
2. Reflecting film ×1
3. OBD connecting line ×1
4. instruction book ×1
5. non-slip mat ×1
6. warranty card ×1

Simple fault elimination
1. What to do when HUD can't be connected to the OBD connector?
Answer: Our product uses OBD II standard connector, so if it can't be connected to this connector, it shows that this kind of car doesn't sustain this kind of connector.
2. What to do if it can't start up?
Answer: Please check that whether you have installed the OBD II connector correctly, and whether you have turned on the power supply.
3. What to do if I can't detect the treaty?
Answer: Please turn on the HUD host machine while the engine is on, and ensure that the car is matched to the OBD II standard.
4. What to do if the speed shows on the HUD is slower than that on the car instrument panel?
Answer: Almost all the instrument panels on the car can't show the right speed of the car, and is often 2-5% higher than the real speed, which is mainly out of the consideration of safety. This can explain why people often don't get photographed when they drive at a speed as high as 140 KM/H. In fact, the real speed is only 120 KM/H.
5. There is no prompt sound for alarm?
Answer: sound switch may be turned off. If the buzzer mark indicates turn on in the HUD, there will be sound, otherwise the switch is turned off.

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