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How to Use Vediamo to Activate Mercedes Benz SA500 Auto Fold Mirror

Before you use Vediamo to perform activation operation , you need to finish Benz mechanical fold mirror retrofit

1.Right/Left fold mirror

2.Driver side switch panel (include fold mirror switch)

3.Right/Left door module (After 2010,not need replacement)

Vediamo Activate SA500 Auto Fold Mirror:

1.Connect Benz MB SD diagnostic tool to vehicle OBD port,then run Vediamo software.

2.After connection build connection,click “V-Ecoute”


3.Select “System”

4.Change folder

5.Broswe model cbf,example:204cbf

6.Select “CGW_204″

7.Click “OK” to continue


8.Double click to connect to control module

9.Select “Coding”–>“Variant Coding”


9.Select “VCD_02_global_variant_coding” from service options

10.Select “500 spiegelanklappung not available” from “Current Coding” options

11.Select “500 spiegelanklappung”

12.Change the value from “not available” to “available”

13.Click “ECU Coding”


Now we need add auto fold mirror option on dashboard

14.Select “System”

15.Select control unit “IC_204″

16.Double click the control unit

17.Select “Coding”–>“Variant Coding”


18.Select “VCD_06_Menueakitivierung” from Service

19.Select “Spiegel anklappung bei Verriegelung (Menu_Mirror_Folding) nicht vohanden” from Current Coding

20.Select “Spiegel anklappung bei Verriegelung (Menu_Mirror_Folding) nicht vohanden”

21.Change value to “vohanden”(available)

22.Click “ECU-Coding”

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