How to fix BMW trouble code 5E3F by Launch X431 PAD VII

Launch-X431 Diagnostic Tool is able to fix BMW trouble code 5E3F by coding DSC(ABS). Here’s using Launch X431 PAD VII as a demonstration.

Full System Diagnose
BMW >> Automatically search >> Next
To ensure the accuracy of the test results, do the following:
1. Turn off the ignition switch.
2. Wait 10s.
3. Turn on the ignition switch.

There is a fault code in ABS system.
5E3F DSC – steering column switching centre: coding DSC required

How to do DSC(ABS) Coding?
Coding/ program >> Next >> Coding system list >> DSC: ABS(Anti-lock braking system – DSC)
1. Turn off ignition.
2. Wait 15s.
3. Turn on ignition.
4. Code control unit.
Do you do recoding right now? Yes
Recoding has been completed.

Clear Codes
Go back to System List >> ABS >> Continue >> Clear fault code
Clear fault code completed.
5E3F fault code has gone.

This is how to use X431 PAD 7 to do BMW E90 2006 DSC(ABS) coding successfully.