How to solve ktag master checksum error and KTAG ECU Programming Tool update problem

Master K-TAG ECU Programming Tool for bikes, cars, trucks, tractors. As katg version is 1.89, many customers update it when get it. Then they meet a problem: checksum or update error when use the Ktag V1.89.
K-TAG ECU Programming Tool K TAG Master KTAG for J-Tag

1. Ktag checksum error
When use Ktag, come out this error: checksum error. There are 2 reasons:
1) K-TAG cannot work on the chip you test
2) This software is not compatible with your computer
How to solve this error?
1) Change another ECU type or chip
2) Download this software,and install it on your computer,instead of the k-tag software in the CD.
Please close/uninstall all unti-virus software when you download or install the software.
K-tag ecu programming tool software download link:
2. K-tag update error
AS we know, K-TAG Software: v1.89, hardware:  v5.001, it update via email, you can’t update it online, or will block hardware.
If come this picture, the device maybe locked by update, the device can not be used, and you shall send it back for repair, and you need pay for it. when you use the device, please turn off the internet (it is very important!)
If you wanna update your k-tag ecu programming, pls do send email to us or contact our online support. Do remember NEVER update the K-TAG on-line.
If you need to buy this product you can order directly from this website;