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GM TECH2 CANDI Interface Instructions and Self-testing

As we all know GM Tech2 is famous auto diagnostic scanner in the market , when you use this machine , you will find that Candi interface is important work with this tool .

So what is the candi interfact ? It is an in-line cable module that works with existing Tech 2 components including the VCI, cables and adapters.

Then what is candi module ? It’s fully compatible with current and past Tech 2 software. The module powers up in a way that makes it transparent to the user. This allows the existing Tech 2 software to be used with no changes when the CANdi module is installed. If a vehicle requires the use of a CANdi module, the Tech 2 clone will enable features specific to the module.

Supports simultaneous communications on three CAN buses

Provides high-speed UART communications with the ...

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How to Solve the Problem for GM MDI

There have many situations cant use GM MDI , when you have some troubles to use the tool ,  you should reboot the MDI software and do the Self Test first . Please check the bellowing 4 issues for GM MDI :


If you meet this problem, it indicates that there is an internal problem in the MDI, you need to connect the MDI to a PC by using the USB and do the software recovery procedure or you can contact your local customer support center for help.



This condition indicates that during power on, there has detected a problem...

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Best GM Scanner—Mongoose Pro for GM on Cnautotool

Mongoose Pro for GM is an SAE J2534-compliant device and high-performance reprogramming diagnostics interface for GM vehicles. It can work almost the same function as GM Tech2 and gm mdi, but the price is much cheaper and only 188USD on cnautotool. All of the electronics are contained in the OBD-II connector shell, making it a compact and rugged vehicle communications tool. The Mongoose Pro is powered by the USB connector, so there’s no need to re-start the Mongoose Pro if it is unplugged from a vehicle.

GM Mongoose Pro Features:
1. Diagnostics for powertrain, chassis,body,anti-theft and TPMS systems with TECH2WIN
2. Reprogramming for all modules with TIS2 WEB
3. Tech2 diagnostics for a graction of the cost
4. Faster module flashing and communications
5. Reliable and convenient

Mongoose ...

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